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Welcome Back to Waki’s World; Tan Out

Waki Yasuhiro Waki Yasuhiro

From under the gun Waki Yasuhiro went all in and found a customer in short-stacked Ivan Tan who shoved as well with his remaining 6,175 chips.

Yasuhiro: A A
Tan: J A

Flop: 7 9 Q
Turn: 7
River: 7

With that, Ivan Tan bows out of the of the tournament.

Takayama Trips Maxim

Mike Takayama Mike Takayama

After Mike Takayama flat called from early position, Russian Sorokin Maxim raises to 2,100, the blinds fold and action goes back to Takayama, who called to see the flop.

Both players checked after the flop J 8 8 and the turn K before Takayama made a move on the river Q by raising to 4,000. The Russian called as Takayama showed 8 9 and Maxim mucked his hand.

Russian Chops Pot

Sorokin Maxim Sorokin Maxim

Russian Sorokin Maxim appears to be steam-rolling through this event. In fact, even when he doesn’t win in Cebu, he doesn’t lose either.

Against one opponent this time around, the flop looked like K 8 Q. The Russian bet 3000, and his opponent then shipped all in for 8800, which was called. Both players turned over KQ and the  4 turn and 8 river made no difference to the chopped pot.

A Double Up for Barte

We caught up with one of the tables with a community of A 9 10 and under the gun player Jesse Rivera raising to 4,000… The player at the dealer’s button, Jhun Barte, quickly shoved which put Rivera into the tank.

With a healthy stack of chips and obviously covering Barte’s 9,900 all in, Rivera made the call showing 7 8 for an open-ended straight.

Barte showed A 9 for two pairs and waited for the last two cards to determine his tournament’s fate. The turn 9 ended any doubt: giving Barte the double up and preventing his exit from the tournament. Barte now has around 21,000.

PKR Pro Shot Down

Kai Paulsen Kai Paulsen

Kai Paulsen, a seven-year veteran of the game and PKR pro, simply didn’t have the right timing today. In the last few hands of his tournament life, he pushed his 6900 stack all in from the cutoff position with A Q, just taking down the blinds and antes.

However, his next move was again shoving his stack in, this time with a weak ace. He was called by the less experienced – but by no means less capable – Mike Takayama and was dominated by his ace and 10 kicker. The board was no help to Paulsen as his time in the Main Event drew to a close.

Ace on the River for So

Antonio So Antonio So

At the dealer’s button, Mike Takayama raised to 1,600 forcing the blinds to fold but got a caller in Antonio So, who made the flat call earlier, from the cutoff position.

Flop: J J 2

Takayama bet out 2,250 which So called after spending time on the tank.

Both players checked the turn 9 while the river A got the players to again move their chips in the middle. Takayama bet 5,000 and So made the call, showing A 2 for a two-pair.

Takayama mucked his hand as his stack takes a bit of a hit and is now down to around 35,500.

Takayama’s Big Slick Ousts Another

Mike Takayama Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama is starting to make some noise at the tables.

With A K Takayama shoved around 37,000 chips and surprisingly found a caller, a player who was at risk with just over 12,000 chips remaining.

The player showed 10 10, not bad hole cards considering he leads Takayama preflop. However, the board flopped 5 A 6 as tournament director Lloyd Fontillas announced that Takayama had hit an ace. The turn 2 and river 2 was of no help to the player and Takayama stacks up his total to around 50,000 chips.

You might be wondering why the busted out player has no name. We have to apologise for that, because after the bust-out he disappeared so fast from the poker room that we couldn’t even ask him.