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So Long, Ken Garcia!

At the big blind, Ken Garcia had to choose between a rock and a hard place. Holding Q Q, an opponent made a raise which put his entire stack at risk.

Going into the tank for quite a time, he decided that it was time to double up or go home…. And when Antonio So showed A A after Garcia made the call, the latter could smell the bitter taste of defeat.

The board ran 2 3 5, which was no help whatsoever for Garcia and the turn 7 and river K failed to cooperate as well.

So stacks his chips and Garcia is shown the door.

Level 6 Begins

We are now at Level 6. Blinds are  at 150-300 with ante of 25. Forty players remain among the 52 who registered for Day 1A of the APT Asian Series Cebu Main Event.

How to Slowplay Kings by Florentin Palacio

Florentin Palacio Florentin Palacio

There are many ways to milk the Kings. Just ask Florentin Palacio.

From the cutoff position, Palacio raised to 550 and found callers from the button and small blind position.

The board flopped 4 10 2 as the small blind checked. Palacio added 2200 to sweeten the pot. The button man from Norway, Mikal Blomlie, obligingly called and the small blind folded.

The turn was a 9 and again Palacio bet out with 2,200. Blomlie called. The river 9 set up what would be the biggest bet of the hand. Pallacio bet 4525, and again Blomlie called.

Palacio: K K

Blomlie mucked his hand and seemed to be seething inside, having been played all the way by the Filipino. Both Palacio and Blomlie now have around 35,000 chips.

A Flush and Another Win for Regis

From the middle position, Dawoog Anuar just can’t seem to get a break. He raised 600 but found three callers from the button, B.K. Choi, small blind Manuel Regis and the big blind.

Flop: J Q 9

The blinds checked after the flop and Anuar again made the lead off bet with 775. It was an easy call for Choi and Regis. After the turn 10, both Regis and Anuar checked, and it was Choi who took the initiative and bet 3000, which both players called.

Regis started the action at the river 5 with a 3060 bet to which Anuar called… Ruegis showed K Q for a king-high flush as an exasperated Anuar flashed A K for the straight.

Level 5 Begins

We are now at Level 5. 44 out of 52 players remain in contention for the APT Asian Series Cebu Main Event.

The bust out list continues to grow. Among the unfortunate players who won’t advance to Day 2 are David Steicke, Vic de Guzman, Alayne Cañizares, Ronnel Sto. Tomas and Mark Benasa among others.

Steicke is Dominated and Felted

David Steicke David Steicke

Hong Kong-based poker pro David Steicke shipped all his chips into the middle holding A 10 after Jhun Barte raised. Barte called the all in with A K and the flop came down 5 8 6, the turn showed 4 and river 9, giving Barte the pot and Steicke his marching papers.

But, not to worry, we’re sure Steicke also has his eye on the PHP 190,000 High Rollers event on Friday.

Bring It On Says Basto

First to act, JJ Nerry raised to 600 and found two callers at the button, Rey Basto and the small blind, B.K. Choi.

Flop: K K 7

Choi led out with 600 as Nerry folded and Basto made the call.

Turn: 4

Choi made a continuation bet of 1,200 but Basto didn’t flinch and even re-popped it to 5000, which was enough to shoo away Choi from the pot.