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Consistency Pays Tolon

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:

Jay Tolon is clearly in command of his table with consistent betting to match his confident demeanor. Witnessing two successful back-to-back hands, we saw button player Tolon bet out 800 on an already raised pot with the board showing J K A. His opponent on the big blind seat check-called and both players saw a turn of A. Once again, the big blind checked to Tolon who led out 1000, enough to take down the pot.

In the very next hand, Tolon raised it up preflop to 750 and was limp-called by a player in the UTG position. The flop landed J 7 K with no action to boot as both players checked. However, on the turn of 5, UTG checked again but Tolon was done checking and bet out 700. The bet was called and both saw a river of 7. Again, the UTG checked, Tolon bet 1150, which once again induced a fold for him to scoop the pot.

Tolon now has over 34k in chips.

Nice Pot for Mohan

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante:

In a recent hand, one of India’s top players, Sangeeth Mohan raked himself a nice pot amounting to almost 11,000 chips against Nehmee Alegapo.

We caught the action at the turn with a big pile of chips already in the middle. Acting first, Alegapo bet out 1400 on a board of J 10 K 6 and was quickly reraised by Mohan to 3200. Alegapo called and both players saw a river card of 4. With not many chips behind him, Alegapo checked to Mohan who led out for 5000. Alegapo folded and Mohan scooped in a colourful pile of chips.

Ken Kim Railed

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante:
Ken Kim Ken Kim

Ken Kim’s stack never fully recovered from a hand we saw him in at level 2. In that one, he was in early position and saw of flop of A K 7 with the player on the button. Kim bet out 1500 and was called, delivering a turn K.

Kim checked his option here and his opponent bet out 2000. With a call, they went to a river 7 and Kim checked once more. The button player puts out another tempting bet of 2000 and Kim says, “Alright, for two-thousand I’ll call.”

But Kim sees he was just being taken for a ride in value town when his opponent tables A K for a full house.

Then, in the latter stages of level 3, we catch Kim shoving with Pocket Tens but running into his opponent’s K K. A board of 6 Q K J 4 has his opponent hitting a set and just like that Kim’s Tens are crushed and he’s out the door.

Li Bluffs with Two Pair

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante:
Juicy Li Juicy Li

On a flop of 5 10 A Juicy Li called an opponent’s bet of 700. Both players then check the turn of 3 and the 6 arrives on the river. When action is checked to her, Li takes a stab for 1500, having rivered two pair holding 6 5, but making what is essentially a bluff bet with a four-card flush on the board.

Unfortunately for Li, her opponent makes the quick call with Q 10 and takes down the pot. Li’s stack has now dropped to around 9000.

Takayama Weathers Tan Onslaught

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:
Ivan Tan Ivan Tan

With A J Ivan Tan, three-bet Mike Takayama from the button and the two players went to a flop of 9 2 6. As first to act, Takayama went on to check-call every single street. First it was a flop bet of 900 from Tan. Then, on the turn Q, it was a bet of 1800.

On the river K, Tan sent out sizeable 4100 into the middle but Takayama wouldn’t budge. He made the call with just Pocket Eights, giving Tan credit for a wide three-bet button range and the ability to fire a barrel on every street.

In and Out for Regis

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:

Not long after the announcement of his arrival, Ron “Red Airkson” Regis found himself in deep trouble against Kim Min Soo who reraised Regis all in preflop.

After counting and recounting his chips, Regis decided to put his tournament life on the line and called Soo while opening up Q Q. Unfortunately for him, Soo had better with K K. It only got worse for Regis as the flop landed 2 K 10 giving Soo a set of Kings. The turn of 8 and the river of 7 was no help for Regis and as quick as that he was out.

Soo is now up to approximately 30K in chips.


Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:
Hirotoshi Nakabo Hirotoshi Nakabo

With the board now saying there are 115 players registered in the event, a few more notable names have taken their seats. Charles Lam, Hirotoshi Nakabo, Mike Takayama and APT Asian Series Goa Champion, Sangeeth Mohan, have all just joined the fray.