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Benasa Continues Romp, Busts Out Mysiewicz

Mark Benasa Mark Benasa

From the button, Dawid Mysiewicz went all-in with just the big blind as the roadblock to the antes and blinds.

Mark Benasa was the big blind, and one of the chip leaders so far today… When he saw the 8 8 he decided to make the call…

Mysiewicz: 7 A

Flop: 2 4 10 did not produce any ace. The turn card was a 9 and the river a 6 ending Mysiewicz’s run.

Seven on the River

After waking up with 7 7, Yoshinori Hayashi decided to go for it and went all-in for his last 112,000, finding one bigger-stacked caller holding A Q.

It was already looking bad for the Japanese on the flop, which came 8 5 Q to give his opponent top pair.

The turn 4 was an absolute brick, leaving Hayashi with just two outs to hope for on the river.

“Ohh!” was the loud reaction from the table as the dealer produced the 7 to give Hayashi the set of sevens and give him a huge double-up.

Sungling Doubles Up

Sungling Li has just doubled up his stack after a run-in with Mark Benasa.

Pre-flop, Benasa made a raise to 35,000 only to have Li go all-in for his stack of 127,000. Benasa made the call and the cards were tabled:

Li: 8? 8?
Benasa: 5? 5?

Li was way ahead with his pair of eights and he would double-up as the board bricked out.

Keisuke Keeps the Pressure On

Pre-flop, Mark Benasa made a raise to 35,000. Next to act was Keisuke Fukaya, who tanked for a good few minutes before finally announcing a re-raise to 70,000. The table folded back to Benasa, who alternated between staring at the table and Fukaya’s chips. Finally, he asked the dealer, “35 more?” before making the call.

Flop: K 5 7

Fukaya did not let up on the spade-heavy flop, instantly declaring all-in. Benasa would have no part of it and immediately laid down his hand.

Charles’ Snap Call Takes Chris Out

Pre-flop, Charles Lam made a raise then Chris Yeow Chung moved all in…

“Snap call!” declared Charles and we were in for a heads up showdown.

Charles: 9 9
Chris: J 7

The flop 4 7 Q gave some hope to Chris but it would not come to pass as the turn 2 and river K were tabled by the dealer.

Fan is Booted Out!

Young-shin Im got it all in from the small blind and found a willing customer in Fan Fan at the small blind.

Im: A Q
Fan: A J

The board fell as follows:

Flop: A 2 Q
Turn: 4
River 4

And we have another player out of the tournament.

Chan Falls Against the Big Slick

From the button, Kuo Yang Huang bet 28,000 only to see an all-in from the small blind, Wilson Chan.

Looking at A K he went for it and the showdown versus Chan’s 10 10 was off.

Flop A 3 5 and the aces hit for Huang.

Turn: J and Chan’s one foot was out of the door,

River 4 and Chan is booted out of the tournament.