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Devan Tang
Allan Le

The last few hands have again seen the lead swing back and forth in dramatic fashion between our last two players. Devan Tang was on the precipice facing death but managed to double up twice to regain the chip lead. Once was with J 7 against Allan Le’s K 10. With all the money in preflop, Le was all set for a win until the river on a board of 4 6 9 9 J gave Tang 500,000 in chips.

The next hand was again all in preflop when his K Q managed to catch a queen on the flop to beat Le’s A 7. This gave Tang the chip lead on 2,080,000 but it didn’t last for long. In a following hand, Tang limped from the button and then called Le’s raise to 150,000 more.

On the flop of 4 3 6 Le bet out another 320,000. Tang looked interested and considered his option. “Careful Devan,” says Le cheekily and the two share a chuckle. But it seems to make up Tang’s mind and he pushes all in to a quick call from Le.

Tang’s 8 5 straight draw is up against Le’s K Q flush draw but neither player gets there on the 3 turn and 4 river so Le takes it down with king-high. The tides have turned once again and Le has 2.2 million to Tang’s 900,000.

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