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Tang Snatches Lead, Le Wrestles It Back

Devan TangDevan Tang

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Devan Tang
Allan Le

Blinds are up and Le is on the button once more in this particular hand and makes it 180,000 to go. While Le has the chip lead it’s still a pretty cagey affair with neither player wanting to make a misstep at this point.

Tang opts to call and immediately fires out a donk bet of 220,000 after the flop runs out 8 K Q and Le doesn’t think waste much time calling.

Tang slows down on the 7 and considers all his options, with 800,000 in the pot and around the same amount in his stack all the chips could very well find their way into the middle here. Tang counts out a stack of black chips, it looks like another 220,000 but then decides to play it safe and check.

Needing no further encouragement Le bets 220,000 only to see Tang check raise to 440,000 in total. That’s pretty strong play from Tang and prompts an inta-muck from Le, who drops down to 1.2 million while Tang edges into the chip lead with a stack of 1.9 million.

However, Tang does not get to enjoy pole position for long. After he elects to limp the button Le checks his option from the big blind and the dealer spreads a flop of 8 6 7.

Le checks and Tang takes a stab for 110,000 only to see Le check raise to 290,000 in total. The shoe is on the other foot this time it seems and Tang rises to his feet and flexes his shoulders as he ponders his decision.

He decides to put his foot to the floor and declares ‘all-in’ only to see Le quickly call and table K 8 for top pair, which is in front of Tang’s K 5, though he does have an open-ended straight draw.

However, blanks of 2 and Q on the turn and river respectively see Le decisively snatch the chip lead back from Tang who drops down to 700,000 while Le rises to 2.4 million.

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