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Allan Le is the Manila Millions Champion!

Level: 17 Blinds: 40000/80000 Ante:

The laws of probability demanded that all the wild double up swings would have to come to an end soon. And so they did when Devan Tang pushed on the button for 800,000 holding K 7 and Le made the easy call with Q Q.

The dealer tabled 4 A 8 4 A to hand the title of Asia’s richest tournament in history to the US-based Le, winning a monstrous HKD $13,080,000 (USD $1.685 million) and sending Tang home with HKD $8,175,000 (USD $1.053 million) as consolation. Not too shabby for 11 hours of work.

That’s it from us at Poker Portal Asia for tonight but we will see you all again tomorrow from 1pm for the start of APT Philippines 2012 Main Event Day 1A.

Seesaw Poker

Level: 17 Blinds: 40000/80000 Ante:

The last few hands have again seen the lead swing back and forth in dramatic fashion between our last two players. Devan Tang was on the precipice facing death but managed to double up twice to regain the chip lead. Once was with J 7 against Allan Le’s K 10. With all the money in preflop, Le was all set for a win until the river on a board of 4 6 9 9 J gave Tang 500,000 in chips.

The next hand was again all in preflop when his K Q managed to catch a queen on the flop to beat Le’s A 7. This gave Tang the chip lead on 2,080,000 but it didn’t last for long. In a following hand, Tang limped from the button and then called Le’s raise to 150,000 more.

On the flop of 4 3 6 Le bet out another 320,000. Tang looked interested and considered his option. “Careful Devan,” says Le cheekily and the two share a chuckle. But it seems to make up Tang’s mind and he pushes all in to a quick call from Le.

Tang’s 8 5 straight draw is up against Le’s K Q flush draw but neither player gets there on the 3 turn and 4 river so Le takes it down with king-high. The tides have turned once again and Le has 2.2 million to Tang’s 900,000.

Tang Snatches Lead, Le Wrestles It Back

Level: 17 Blinds: 40000/80000 Ante:
Devan Tang Devan Tang

Blinds are up and Le is on the button once more in this particular hand and makes it 180,000 to go. While Le has the chip lead it’s still a pretty cagey affair with neither player wanting to make a misstep at this point.

Tang opts to call and immediately fires out a donk bet of 220,000 after the flop runs out 8 K Q and Le doesn’t think waste much time calling.

Tang slows down on the 7 and considers all his options, with 800,000 in the pot and around the same amount in his stack all the chips could very well find their way into the middle here. Tang counts out a stack of black chips, it looks like another 220,000 but then decides to play it safe and check.

Needing no further encouragement Le bets 220,000 only to see Tang check raise to 440,000 in total. That’s pretty strong play from Tang and prompts an inta-muck from Le, who drops down to 1.2 million while Tang edges into the chip lead with a stack of 1.9 million.

However, Tang does not get to enjoy pole position for long. After he elects to limp the button Le checks his option from the big blind and the dealer spreads a flop of 8 6 7.

Le checks and Tang takes a stab for 110,000 only to see Le check raise to 290,000 in total. The shoe is on the other foot this time it seems and Tang rises to his feet and flexes his shoulders as he ponders his decision.

He decides to put his foot to the floor and declares ‘all-in’ only to see Le quickly call and table K 8 for top pair, which is in front of Tang’s K 5, though he does have an open-ended straight draw.

However, blanks of 2 and Q on the turn and river respectively see Le decisively snatch the chip lead back from Tang who drops down to 700,000 while Le rises to 2.4 million.

Le Strengthens Chip Lead

Level: 16 Blinds: 30000/60000 Ante:
Allan Le Allan Le

We get to see a flop for the opening hand of heads-up play with Allan Le min-raising from the button to 120,000 and Tang making the call. Both players check the 4 Q 2 flop with Tang check-calling a 60,000 Le bet when the 10 lands on the turn. Tang checks for the second time, Le bets 120,000 and Tang calls once again.

The 5 brings in a possible flush and Tang checks for a third time, eventually giving it up when Le fires out a chunky 305,000 bet. Tang drops down to 1.1 million after the hand while Le edges further in front and reaches the 2 million mark.

Chip Count

Level: 16 Blinds: 30000/60000 Ante:
Name Country Chip Stack
Allan Le USA 1,700,000
Devan Tang China 1,400,000

Sheng Bows Out in 3rd

Level: 16 Blinds: 30000/60000 Ante:
Sun Sheng Sun Sheng

Sun Sheng has departed the Manila Millions and we are now down to our heads up match. Sheng’s demise came courtesy of Devan Tang on an attempt to steal of the blinds. Tang pushed from the small blind for 665,000 and was snap-called by Sheng with A 9. Tang clearly wasn’t happy and turned over K 3.

The flop of K 5 5 had both players smiling with Tang hitting top pair and Sheng picking up a flush draw. But the Q turn and 6 river saw the pot go to Tang and Sheng was cruelly left with just one black chip of 10,000 remaining.

He was all in the very next hand with J 7 as Tang limped on the button with A 8. Allan Le checked in the big blind and they went to a flop of 9 A 4. Le checkd and Tang bet out with his pair of aces. Le quickly mucked and the 8 turn and 3 river gave the win to Tang and meant Sheng had pocketed HKD $4,905,000 (USD $632,000) for 3rd place.

Tang Fights Back

Level: 16 Blinds: 30000/60000 Ante:

Left with a much-reduced stack of 500,000 after his run-in with Le, Devan Tang has just over 8 big blinds left and looks to be under the cosh when Sun Sheng raises to 150,000 from the button.

After counting out his chips he decides he can peel off a flop and makes the call and the dealer spreads the K 9 5 flop, which both players check.

First to act, Tang has first stab at the pot when the A makes an appearance on the turn, but how much to bet is the question. With 330,000 in the pot and 350,000 chips in his stack Tang decides that moving all-in is best option and does so. It’s the right play and Sheng quickly folds meaning Tang climbs back up to 680,000.