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Day 1A Ends

Day 1A action of the Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2011 Main Event has ended here at the Resorts World Manila. For the official chips counts of today’s survivors, visit this tab. For a full recap of Day 1A, go to the PPA front page.

PPA’s Live Updates will return tomorrow at 1PM for Day 1B of the main event.

Latest Asian Poker Tour Philippines 2011

Del Prado Wins APT Philippines!
It took only two hands in a row for Enrique Del Prado to turn the tide back his way and claim the APT Philippines Main Event title for a USD $179,260 payday! ... Read More

Tsang Takes Control
With fairly even chip stacks prior to this hand Elton Tsang has now taken the lead. He raised Enrique del Prado’s limp on the button to 150,000. Del Prado makes the call ... Read More

Wild Call from Del Prado
Another unbelievable Enrique Del Prado call has miraculously paid him off. He was the preflop aggressor with a bet of 70,000 from the button. Elton Tsang calls and we see a flop ... Read More

Del Prado Saved on River!
If Elton Tsang loses this title, he’ll look on this hand as the start of where it all went wrong. Enrique del Prado makes it 60,000 to go from the button and ... Read More

Tsang Doubles Up
Elton Tsang has flipped this battle on its back with a key double up. After Enrique del Prado calls Tsang’s 60,000 preflop raise from the button, the flop delivers 6♠ 2♦ J♦. ... Read More

First Big Pot to Tsang
Elton Tsang raises to 74,000 on the button and Enrique del Prado calls with A♦ 4♦. An ace lands on the flop and Del Prado check-calls Tsang’s 63,000 continuation bet. The turn ... Read More

We’re Now Heads Up
After a short break and all the ceremony associated with the arrival of the cash, our final two are about to get busy in their heads up battle. The chip counts at ... Read More