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Karr Crashes Into Coetzer

McLean KarrMcLean Karr

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Conrad Coetzer
Mclean Karr

US pro McLean Karr and Conrad Coetzer got all their money in preflop with Karr’s A K looking poorly against his South African opponent’s A A. When cards were shown Karr jolted in his seat, “Jesus! Oh nice hand, nice hand.”

The board came down 2 5 Q 9 Q to double Coezter’s 184,000 stack and cruelly leave Karr with just one yellow 1000 chip remaining. He puts it in as his ante in the very next hand while in the big blind and ends up only against Nicandro Filart from the small blind.

Filart shows J J and Karr, who hasn’t looked at his hand yet, first turns over the 2 and gives a sigh but then flips the other and it’s a K. He gives a cheer to be ahead but he falls behind on the 3 J 8 4 7 and exits the tournament in 15th place.

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