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Day 1B Concludes

Level: 7 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Alan Engel Alan Engel

Level seven has just ended and tournament director Lloyd Fontillas announces that we are done for the day. Players are now in the process of bagging up their chips and those lucky enough to survive will be joining the 59 survivors from Day 1A returning tomorrow when play resumes at 1pm local time.

Leading the charge is the USA’s Alan Engel who finished the day as overall chip leader with an impressive stack of 98,900, which puts him in front of Day 1A chip leader Oliver Speidel. You can follow all the tournament action when we return tomorrow for Day 2, so until then, good night folks.

Raiden With Huntly Fatality

Level: 7 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Raiden Kan Raiden Kan

Not able to keep his good form running over from his ANZPT win in Sydney, the short-stacked Gordon Huntly is out of the tournament. Huntly raised it up from middle position to 1050. John Tech called in the lojack before Malaysia’s Raiden Kan juiced it up in the big blind to 4600.

It’s approximately what Huntly has got left in his stack and he quickly moves all in. Tech steps out of the way and, when cards are shown, Kan’s J J has Huntly’s 2 2 dominated. The board sends out A Q 8 5 5 and Huntly gives his tablemates a cheerio while making his exit.

Rivera Triples But Engle Retains Chip Lead

Level: 7 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Marc Rivera Marc Rivera

We have not seen how Alan Engel has got his massive chip stack, but he is our current chip leader and puts the pressure on his table mates by moving all-in from middle position with 7 7.

Fabio Fymagalli looks down to see A Q and makes the call for his tournament life, as does Mark Rivera holding 3 3. Unfortunately for Fymagalli the flop misses him by a mile when it comes down 7 9 J, giving Engel middle set.

Fortunately for Rivera running diamonds on the K turn and Q river give the Filipino a massive three-high flush, which is could enough to secure him the triple-up and he’s now on around 21,000 in chips.

While Engel does not look impressed at this turn of events and his monster stack takes a slight hit, he is still our chip leader at present win a very respectable 90,000 in chips. Fabio Fymagalli on the other hand is not so lucky and now has no chips and makes his exit.

Any Two Cards Pay Off for Anson Tsang

Level: 7 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Anson Tsang Anson Tsang

Anson Tsang was one of the high rollers that played in Friday’s HKD $1million buy-in Manila Millions. He may not have cashed in that event but if he continues running like we just witnessed then he’s guaranteed to cash in this Main Event.

In the hijack position, Tsang was the original raiser in this pot holding just 9 3 and manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat when the flop lands 9 J 9. He then check-raises the cutoff’s bet but is called by them and another opponent.

On the turn 10 Tsang bets another 4800. The cutoff steps out of the way but the third player in the hand moves all in for just under 10,000. Tsang calls and needs to catch against his opponent’s 6 5 flush which got there on the turn. The J then arrives on the river to pair the board and give Tsang a full house.

In the very next hand, Tsang raises it up to 950 preflop, this time with K 3 and in the lojack. The button player calls and both players check the flop of J 6 6. The K arrives on the turn and Tsang check-calls the button player’s 1250 bet. On the river 7 both players check and Tsang’s pair of kings are good.

Tsang’s stack is now around the 60,000-mark.

Tan Gets Sneaky With Aces

Level: 6 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
Jay Tan Jay Tan

Newly sponsored Bodog pro Jay Tan was looking a little short but has just earned herself a timely double up courtesy of the USA’s Matt Schreiber, who opens the action from early position with a raise to 650 with the speculative J 9.

Tan wakes up in the small blind with pocket Aces and chooses to get sneaky with them by just flat calling. It looks like her gambit has paid off when the flop comes down 9-7-6 to give Schreiber top pair. Tan sets her trap by checking and Schreiber falls right into it and bets 1,000.

Trap sprung Tan closes the jaws with a snap and check raises all-in for 4,200 in total and Schreiber calls the extra 3,000. A Five on the turn brings a cry of ‘No!’ from Tan, as she thinks that Schreiber is holding J 8 and has just hit his gutshot and is pleasantly surprised when the pot is shipped her way on the river giving her a stack of 10,700 to play with.

Tan puts this to good use just two hands later by when she looks down in the highjack to see 8 8 and flat calls an early position Marc Rivera raise. Both the small blind and big blind make the call and we head four-way to a flop of 4 8 6.

This is when the fireworks start with the small blind leading out for 1,250 only to see the big blind, Fabio Fymagalli, make it 3,200 to go with pocket Tens. Tan shoves all-in for 10,700 and Fymagalli makes the call to discover the bad news.

The 6 turn card completes Tan’s full house, which improves to quads when the 8 lands on the river and shoot Tan’s stack up to a much more respectable 24,500.

Two APT Ambassadors Now Busto

Level: 6 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
JC Tran JC Tran

While Joe Hachem has not had much luck here in Manila so far this week and has exited the tournament for the second time in as many days, fellow APT ambassador JC Tran has just enjoyed a spot of good fortune in a hand against China’s Song Wang. Tran four-bet shoved over the top of a Wang three-bet and the two players got all the chips in pre-flop.

Tran’s 5 5 was initially trailing to Wang’s 8 8 and the 3 7 6 flop left the US pro drawing to just six outs. Fortunately for Tran one of these is the 4, which came in on the turn to give him a straight flush and leave Wang drawing dead.

Tran moved up to just over 20,000 after that little bit of luck, but what the poker gods giveth they also taketh away and Tran is eliminated by Thailand’s Pakinal Liwasad just one orbit later when the two became involved in a raising war on a K J 2? flop. Tran moved all in with pocket Aces and Liwasad made the call with a flush draw holding 9 6.

Unfortunately for Tran he hit his set on the river and while this is normally a good thing it wasn’t on this particular occasion as it was the A, which completed Liwasad’s flush to send Tran to the rail. Liwasad is now up to just over 40,000.

Lam Slaughtering the Field

Level: 6 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
Charles Lam Charles Lam

After his previous double through Elton Tsang, Charles Lam has gone on to bigger and better things. In this hand, he ousted his UTG opponent after they raised to 700 preflop. Another player in front made it 2100 to go before Lam four-bets in the cutoff to 5500 holding A K. The UTG responds with an all in for 20,000 as the other player folds and Lam calls.

He sees he’s up against Q Q but immediately surges to the front when the flop lands A K 8. The turn and river come 9 and A respectively to give Lam a boat and send his stack into what is likely the chip lead on 60,000.