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Nguyen Falls on Final Table Bubble

Level: 21 Blinds: 5000/10000 Ante: 1000
Binh Nguyen Binh Nguyen

US player Binh Nguyen has had a lot of success here in the Philippines after winning the APPT Main Event in Manila in 2010 for USD $260,700. Now he has come as close as you can get to final tabling an APT Main Event. His end came courtesy of Divan Le Roux who raised it up preflop to 20,000. Nguyen is in the small blind and ships for 140,000 holding Q J.

Le Roux makes the call with A 5 and the board rolls out 9 5 10 4 10 to send Nguyen home in 11th place for USD $9900 in prize money.

With that turn of events, play has now stopped for Day 3 of the APT Philippines Main Event. At the wrap, it looks like Oliver Speidel has kept up his dominance with the chip lead on 831,000 but Le Roux, after this last hand, is hot on his heels with 787,000.

Be sure to catch all the thrills and spills of the final table, which starts at 2pm tomorrow.

Toto Not In Kansas Anymore

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
Toto Leonidas Toto Leonidas

Toto Leonidas has just been blown away by hurricane Le Roux, who is blowing up a storm at present as we approach our final table bubble. It’s just a scant few hands after eliminating Mike Kim and Le Roux is at it again, three-betting an under-the-gun Leonidas raise from the cutoff. Ryan Hong makes the call from the big blind only to see Leonidas shove for 117,000 in total. Le Roux re-shoves to isolate and Hong lets out an exasperated sigh before tossing his cards into the muck.

Leonidas, holding A Q is racing for his tournament life against Le Roux’s 9 9 but is immediately falls behind when the flop comes down 9 2 3. Leonidas is drawing dead by the 5 turn and exits is 11th place with USD $9,900 for his three days of play and Le Roux is now on a very impressive 630,000 in chips.

Speidel Steamrolls On With Trip Kings

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
Oliver Speidel Oliver Speidel

It seems that Oliver Speidel can do no wrong and now sits on a whopping 800,000 stack in the chip lead. He got there in this latest hand with David Steicke after raising to 18,000 preflop from under-the-gun with K 7 and then calling cutoff man Steicke’s min re-raise.

Both players check the 8 3 K flop and go to a turn K, which must make Speidel feel pretty good about his hand now. He bets out 50,000 and Steicke makes the call to bring the river 9.

At this point Speidel bombs for 150,000 and gets a call from Steicke who mucks his hand on seeing his opponent’s trip kings.

Le Roux Flushes Out Kim

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
Mike Kim Mike Kim

We missed the pre-flop action but the post-flop craziness has just cost Mike Kim his tournament life. On a flop of K K 2 Kim check raises Divan Le Roux only to see the aggressive South African player move all in. Le Roux has Kim covered and if he makes the call it will be for his tournament life.

Kim is sitting on trip Kings holding K Q and does make the call, but will have to fade Le Roux’s 8 3 flush draw, Unfortunately for Kim it comes straight in when the 6 hits the turn and with no pair up, King or Queen on the river we lose another. Kim exits in 13th place and Le Roux pads out his already sizable stack to move up to 500,000 in chips.

Steicke Finishes Off Kurita

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
Yu Kurita Yu Kurita

The very next hand after Steicke doubled through Yu Kurita the two are tangling again. Unfortunately for Kurita things go Steicke’s way yet again, this time at the cost of her tournament life. First to speak Steicke makes it 22,000 to go from under-the-gun and Kurita moves all in for 155,000 from UTG+2.

The rest of the table quickly folds and after asking for a count Steicke makes the call and Kurita finds out the bad news; her K J is dominated by Steicke’s A K. Both players miss everything when the board runs out 9 6 4 7 8 meaning Steicke’s Ace-high is enough to win him the hand and catapult his stack to the giddy heights of 423,000 while Kurita exits in 14th place.

Karr Crashes Into Coetzer

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
McLean Karr McLean Karr

US pro McLean Karr and Conrad Coetzer got all their money in preflop with Karr’s A K looking poorly against his South African opponent’s A A. When cards were shown Karr jolted in his seat, “Jesus! Oh nice hand, nice hand.”

The board came down 2 5 Q 9 Q to double Coezter’s 184,000 stack and cruelly leave Karr with just one yellow 1000 chip remaining. He puts it in as his ante in the very next hand while in the big blind and ends up only against Nicandro Filart from the small blind.

Filart shows J J and Karr, who hasn’t looked at his hand yet, first turns over the 2 and gives a sigh but then flips the other and it’s a K. He gives a cheer to be ahead but he falls behind on the 3 J 8 4 7 and exits the tournament in 15th place.

Confusion in Wright Bustout Hand

Level: 20 Blinds: 4000/8000 Ante: 1000
Anthony Wright Anthony Wright

The UK’s Anthony Wright has departed the tournament in unusual circumstances. He had been playing fairly tight for a long while and finally came unstuck in a blind on blind episode with Ryan Hong.

When action was folded around to Hong in the small blind, he moved all in to have Wright covered in the big blind. At this stage, Wright mumbled something that Hong took to be a call and Hong immediately tabled his Q 8.

However, Wright said he didn’t call and TD Lloyd Fontillas came over to rule that the hand was still live and Wright could call if he wanted to. Wright actually held A? 9? and made the call for his tournament life knowing what he was up against. Hong paired his Queen on the flop, Wright hit his Ace on the turn but an Eight came on the river to give Hong two-pair and send Wright home in 16th place.