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River Blessing for Beveridge

Level: 5 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25
John Beveridge John Beveridge

From UTG, John Beveridge made a preflop bet of 600 holding 5 5 and was called in the big blind. A flop of 3 9 7 saw the big blind lead out for 1000. Beveridge makes the call and the big blind follows up on the 9 turn with 1700. If Beveridge thought he was good on the flop then it’s still not enough to get rid of him and he makes the call.

The river 5 gives Beveridge a full house and again the big blind bets into him; this time for 3500. Beveridge obviously had second thoughts about how strong his opponent was and instead of raising he just calls. His opponent turns over pocket kings, which turned sour on their milking journey, and Beveridge takes down a healthy pot.

Abrahams Shows Caution

Level: 5 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25
Ben Abrahams Ben Abrahams

After a limp from early position, Alan Escano made it 750 to go and Ben Abrahams joined the pot from the big blind. The three players go to the flop of 2 K 3 and Abrahams bets out 800. The preflop limper calls and Escano folds.

The turn 6 puts a possible flush out there and sees a check from both players. The river 10 is also checked and Abrahams turns over K Q after which his opponent mucks his hand.

Rivera Sent to the Rail

Level: 5 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25
Czardy Rivera Czardy Rivera

After limping into the pot from under the gun, Czardy Rivera, who qualified in this event after winning the Empire 1M Guaranteed Tournament last week, called a 2,400 raise from Stevie Moon (previously known to us as “Stevie Wonder”) during preflop.

The flop 10 4 3 appeared prompting another bet of 3,000 from Moon. Rivera would make the call. The turn 6 came and Moon led off with another 3,000. And again, Rivera made the call.

The river A was checked by Moon and Rivera shoved his final 8,500 into the middle! Moon tanked for a bit but eventually made the call showing Q Q?… Enough to beat Rivera’s 7 7 and bust him out of the tournament.

Sombero Busts Opponent

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Wally Sombero Wally Sombero

From early position, one player raised to 800 and saw another make the call. Wally Sombero, from late position, made the re-raise to 1,500— but acted like he just wanted to make the call! The original raiser made the fold but the other shoved all of his stack! Sombero made the quick call putting the opponent’s tournament life at risk!

The opponent flipped over 9? 9? and Sombero showed he had K? K?!

The flop 5 A 6 saw no help for Sombero’s opponent. Neither did the turn A and river 4 meaning another player busts out of the tournament.

Estimated Chip Counts for Level 4

Place Name Chip Counts
1 Mikael Rosen 42,000
2 Clement Labadie 40,000
3 Alan Escano 27,000
4 Andrew Gau 21,000
5 Pachara Wongwichit 20,000

De Guzman Falls Against Albano

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Vic de Guzman Vic de Guzman

From early position, Tony Pet Albano raised to 600 but saw Vic de Guzman go all-in with his last 6,950 from the cut-off! Albano made the call and we have a showdown…

De Guzman: A J
Albano: J J

No ace on the flop 5 9 7; no ace on the turn 10 and still no ace on the river Q meaning the owner of the Empire Poker Sports Club has busted out of the APT Philippines 2011 Main Event.

Escano on the Rise

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Alan Escano Alan Escano

In two separate hands, Alan Escano has added to his chip stack. The first saw Escano on the button and call a preflop bet from the cut-off to 700. The flop came down 9 10 8 and the aggressor sends another 2100 into the middle. Escano raises the action to 6100 and the cut-off tanks before folding and show the 10 for a top pair laydown. Escano then cheekily shows his opponent the Q for what could be anything!

In another hand, it’s Escano’s turn to be the preflop aggressor and he make it 750 to go from early position. This brings an all in for 1800 from the cutoff and a call from the small blind. Escano also makes the call and the flop rolls out 5 4 A. He then moves three-quarters of his stack into the pot and the small blind folds. Escano turns over pocket eights, which are in front of the K? 10? of the all in player who can’t catch on the turn or river and is eliminated from the tournament.

Escano’s stack is now around the 29,000 mark.