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Short-Stacked Somberos: Brian Out, Wally Still In

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Brian Sombero Brian Sombero

Two Somberos. Two all-in stories. Two different results.

In one side of the room, Wally Sombero shoved his final 7,000 from the big blind— enough to scare off and force the fold from everyone at his table.

In the other side of the room, Brian Sombero also went all-in– for his final 2,200– but unlike his Father, he found a customer when Mark Rivera called with his A 10 putting Sombero’s life at risk who had 7 7

The flop 10 Q J saw Rivera take the lead but the turn 9 gave him an added chance for a chop. But neither a seven or straight card not come on the river 2 and the younger Sombero is out of the APT Philippines 2011 Main Event.

Rosen Fills Boat on the River, Takes Down Big Pot

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Mikael Rosen Mikael Rosen

In an unraised pot and a flop of 8 8 K two players checked the action to Mikael Rosen, who added 800 into the middle. Both opponents made the call.

The turn 7 was checked by all players but on the river 10 one opponent bet 3,000 as the other player got out of the way. It was an easy decision for Rosen, who re-raised to 6,700 and was called by his opponent.

Rosen flipped over 8 10 for the full house and his opponent mucked his hand.

Cowboys Crashes Into Rockets: Nordstrom Sent to the Rail by Yun

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Hyunshik Yun Hyunshik Yun

From the middle position, Hyunshik Yun shoved over 17,500 into the middle during  preflop after a raise and re-raise between him and Daniel Nordstrom, who made the call flipping over  K K.

No worries, says Yun, who showed A A

With his tournament life at risk, there was no help for Nostrdrom at the flop 8 4 4… and still no help on the turn Q… The river 7 came and officially busted out Nostrdom from the APT Philippines 2011 Main Event.

Yun has now over 35,000.

Victora Takes One from Kim

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Soo Bum Kim Soo Bum Kim

From early position, Charles Victoria doubled the blinds to a 400-raise and saw the middle position player, Soo Bum Kim make the call.

Flop: J 3 3

Victoria opened for another 400 and again, a call from Kim.

The turn A was checked by both players but on the river 5 it was Kim who opened the betting at 700 but saw a snap-call from Victoria.

Kim showed 10 K for what was a bluff and Victoria flipped over A 8 hitting the ace and taking down the nice pot.

Lee Scares Off One on the River

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0

From under the gun, Sara Lee raised to 600 and found a caller from the dealer’s button.

The flop 7 K J appeared prompting a check from both players. At the turn A, Lee fired another 700 which was again called by her opponent. Another A appeared on the river and Lee put another 1,000 into the middle… Enough to scare off her opponent as she took down the nice pot.

Nguyen Busts Out Courtesy of Zhang

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
Ben Nguyen Ben Nguyen

From under the gun, Bobby Zhang raised to 350 and saw both the hi-jack and Ben Nguyen on the button call.

The flop 3 Q J was both checked by Zhang and the hi-jack but Nguyen added 1,825 more! Zhang answered back with a re-raise of his own — a total 3,900! The hi-jack player got out of the way but Nguyen made the call.

The turn A was checked by both players but on the river K, Zhang fired an extra 6,000 putting the pressure on the short-stacked Nguyen… The latter would eventually make the call and put his tournament life at risk! Zhang flipped over K 10 for a made straight at the river! Nguyen mucked his hand and walked out of the tournament area…

Lucky Chop for Mariakis

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
Michael Mariakis Michael Mariakis

In a four-way limped pot we saw a flop of 9 J 4 and Michael Mariakis have a stab at it for 975 from UTG. The next player to act moves all in for just 775 more and the other players fold. Mariakis makes the call and sees his Q 9 has some work to do against his opponent’s Q J.

However, the turn 8 and river 10 gave both players the runner-runner queen-high straight and Mariakis dodges the bullet.

Incidentally, this table was clearly agitated with the dealer who made a mistake with the split amounts. According to other players on the table it has been just one of many slip-ups so another dealer has now taken their place.