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Waki Crippled by Cowboys

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
Waki Yasuhiro Waki Yasuhiro

With the dealer already boarding 2 5 A we saw a post flop battle involving one of Japan’s finest poker pros and a Full Tilt Poker Red Pro.

FTP Red Pro Dave Colclough opened at 150 and saw Japan’s Waki Yasuhiro re-raise it to 775. A reply of a three-bet re-raise from the FTP Red Pro to 2,700 which was answered by an all-in from Yasuhiro!

Colclough, who was at risk, made the call and showed K K. Yasuhiro meekly flipped over 8 8

The turn Q and river 4 was of no help for Yasuhiro and his stack is cut down to danger levels with just under 3,400. The FPT Red Pro meanwhile, climbs to over 30,000!

Take Downs…

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
Ben Nguyen Ben Nguyen

Ben Nguyen just lost a pot worth well over 12,000 after being showed the Big Slick by an opponent who beat his K? Q? The board showed 7 8 9 4 8 as both players blanked out.

In another hand with a board showing 3 7 7 3 6 Linh Tran’s K J just won a pot against Danny Sangwook Byun worth well over 3,000 as action was checked all the way to the river.

Ahn Stands by Jacks

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

Despite calling a preflop bet of 450 and then seeing a raise to 2800 and all in for 9000 from the original raiser, Jeonghoon Ahn decided to still make a stand with his J J with an all in shove of his own. The three-better then folds and Ahn is fortunate to be slightly in front against his opponent’s A K.

Even more fortunate for Ahn is the board running out nine-high to give him a healthy-sized pot and eliminate another player.

Postflop Battle Against Rosen Cripples Steicke

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
David Steicke David Steicke

With a flop of Q 7 6 already on the board, we saw Mikael Rosen bet 1,225 only to see David Steicke re-pop it to 4,200. Rosen’s reply would be a three-bet shove adding 5,775 more, which was called by Steicke!

Rosen: A A
Steicke: 4 5

The turn 7 and river 9 came which means Steicke’s straight draw is busted and he’s now down to around 5,000!

Labadie Fires all Streets

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0
Clement Labadie Clement Labadie

French player Clement Labadie threw everything he could muster into this hand but it still wasn’t enough. From UTG, Labadie raised the preflop action and hand a customer in the big blind.

On the flop of 3 6 K the big blind checks and Labadie continues with a bet of 600. A call delivers a turn of 5 and again the big blind check-calls a bet from Labadie, this time for 1100.

On the river 10 Labadie bets 1300 but, instead of just calling, the big blind makes it 7000. We’re they stringing Labadie along all the way or did they get the backdoor club flush? We’ll never know because Labadie gives up the pot with a fold.

Wongwichit Survives with Set

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

In an unraised pot and a flop of 8 Q 4 the action was checked to Australian Phachara Wongwichit, who bet 1,000. He found two callers

The turn 3 was boarded and an opponent raised to 3,000 from early position. Wongwichit made the call and the other player made the fold.

At the river 2, the opponent shoved all-in which was immediately called by Wongwichit as the other player got out of the way! Wongwichit excitedly flipped over 8 8 for what was a set on the flop and his opponent mucked his hand.

Pachara doubles up to around 14,000.

On the side… The High Rollers!

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

The third side event of the APT Philippines 2011 is just underway and we have 7 sign-ups already:

Chris Parker – United Kingdom
Douglas Bradley – United States
Iwakura Hajime – Japan
Kevin Song – United States
Tony Chang – Hong Kong
Conrad Coetzer – South Africa
Choi Byung Kyoo – Korea