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Small Pot But Puno Will Take It

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0
Mike Puno Mike Puno

The runner-up from APT Philippines 2010, Mike Puno, is back and hoping for a similar or even better result this year. A small win in this next hand could be the start of another nice run.

From preflop, Puno bet 250 from middle position and found three callers including John Sycip from the button.

Flop of 4 3 9 came and another 450 bet from Puno forcing two players to fold but Sycip made the call. Turn 8 and river J appeared and was checked by both players… Puno showed J K for what was a late hit on the river and Sycip mucked his hand.

A Double Up for Hale

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0
Hyunshik Yun Hyunshik Yun

Preflop from UTG, John Hale raised to 300 but saw a player from the middle position Hyunshik Yun re-pop it with 650 more. Hale responded by going all-in with his final 4,650! Yun made the call and we have a showdown.

Hale: K K
Yun: 10 10

Flop: 9 Q 7
Turn: A
River: 9

With that, the Cowboys hold and give Hale a double up to over 10,000.

Sycip’s C-Bet Takes Down Pot

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0
Kenjie See Kenjie See

From early position, John Sycip opened with 250 and found a caller from the cutoff, Kenjie See.

The flop 3 9 2 came and another bet of 250 from Sycip… See once again made the call.

The turn K appeared and yet another bet of 250 from Sycip. See meets him once again bringing us the river 8 and prompting Sycip to fire another 250. Curiously, See folded this time giving the nice little pot to Sycip.

Queens for Mariakis

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Michael Mariakis Michael Mariakis

Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona has just doubled up Michael Mariakis with his characteristic aggressive play. On a flop of J 10 K Carmona shoved all in holding pocket nines.

Mariakis goes into the tank and eventually calls for his last 7500 holding pocket queens for the up-and-down draw and pair that’s way in front of Carmona. The turn 7 and river 3 sees him keep the lead and Pusang Gala is down to less than 4000 in chips.

De Guzman’s Stack Takes Early Hit

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Vic de Guzman Vic de Guzman

Just on the first level, Vic de Guzman stack took a major hit against Sunny Jung.

With already a board of K 8 3 6 6, Vic de Guzman was sent to the tank by Sunny Jung who shoved all-in at the river!

Preflop, flop and turn, it was De Guzman who led the betting but Jung always met him with a flat call.

De Guzman eventually made the fold but not without obvious disgust and showed he had the Big Slick. De Guzman who chatted with us about the hand asked: “What would you have done?”

Takayama is First to Depart

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Mike Takayama Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama has the unwelcome pleasure of being the first player out of Day 1A. We caught up with his hand on the flop of 5 6 4. All the money went in and Takayama showed K 3 for a heavy draw.

However, his opponent, Clement Labadie from France, turned over 8 7 for the already made nut straight. The turn 5 and river 6 couldn’t rise Takayama from the ashes and he is out of the tournament.

Blind Ambitions

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Stevie "Wonder" Moon Stevie "Wonder" Moon

A player who told us to just call him “Stevie Wonder” has doubled up with A A. All the money went in preflop against his opponent’s pocket eights. The board of 7 5 K 4 7 was no help to the dominated player and he’s left with just 50 in chips.

We’re looking forward to Mr Wonder’s rendition of ‘Superstition’ later in the day.