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Rivera Fast out the Gates

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Mark Rivera Mark Rivera

From UTG, Mark Rivera opened this pot with a bet of 175. He receives a call in the hijack and button but the small blind player puts the squeeze on and makes it 650 to go. Rivera responds with a four-bet to 2675. The other two players fold and the small blind elects to just call.

The flop comes down 2 4 9 and when the action is checked to him Rivera pumps another 4000 into the middle. The small blind tanks but finds it a bit too much pressure so early in the day and folds.

Notable Players

David Steicke David Steicke

Day 1A of the APT Philippines Main Event has seen many of Asian poker’s best come out to play. Around the tables are Wally Sombero, Czardy Rivera, Vic de Guzman, Martin Gonzales, Melvin Matibag, Ramil Tandoc, Linh Tran, Mark Rivera, Mike Takayama, Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona, Alan Escano, Brian Sombero, Eric Sia, David Stiecke and Mike Puno.

Stay tuned as more will likely arrive soon.

Day 1A Starts at 1PM

APT Philippines Day 1A Generic Shots

Day 1A of the APT Philippines 2011 starts at 1PM today!