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Zhao Cements Lead After Controversy

Bin ZhaoBin Zhao

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Bin Zhao

Players are just back from dinner and we’ve had some time to do a quick count and have discovered that chip leader Bin Zhao has become the first player to pass the magic 1 million mark.

Following his good fortune against Qingfeng Liao when Bin Zhao turned top set to beat Liao’s two pair and eliminate Wei Zhao in one fell swoop, Bin Zhao also came out smelling of roses in another car crash hand just before the break.

Zhao found himself in a flush over flush hand against an unfortunate tablemate. After his opponent fired out a bet of 10,000 Zhao cut out 30,000 in chips from his stack over the betting line before taking 20,000 back for the call. This is ruled to be a raise however, and no sooner has tournament director Lloyd Fontillas stated this then Zhao’s opponent shoves for just over 300,000.

Unfortunately for Zhao’s tablemate, who is holding 10 7 for a Ten-high flush, Zhao is holding A 9 for the nuts and he quickly calls to send his adversary to the rail and catapult his stack up to 1,050,000.

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