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Day 1A is Over

Luis Asistio III Luis Asistio III

172 runners signed for Day 1A of the Dirty Ice Cream Cup and after 10 levels only 53 players will advance to Day 2 set on Sunday. Luis Asistio III with 193,950 chips is the chip leader for Day 1A.

Recap of all the action on the PPA front page and official chip counts will be posted as soon as the tournament staff is done bagging and tagging.

Lazier in for Three Hands and Out

Sarge Lazier Sarge Lazier

Sarge Lazier’s slippery slope began with pocket aces. A bet of 5000 found a caller in Luis Asistio.

The flop came down 9 5 5. Lazier bet 15000 and was called. The turn J saw all the money go into the pot and Asistio turn over 5 7. The river 3 could not salvage the hand for Lazier and he could only watch as Asistio began piling up around 200,000 in chips.

In the very next hand, Lazier doubles up after moving all in for 11,000 holding A K from under the gun. The player to his immediate left calls with A? Q? and is unable to catch up.

However, still struggling for air, Lazier moves all in again with pocket twos against the Big Slick of Butch Dalisay. The ducks failed to hold, defeated by the paired kings on the turn and trips on the river for Dalisay.

It was certainly an action-packed exit for Lazier.

Lacsamana’s Shove Makes Them Fold

From under the gun, Alex Chua bet 1,600 only to find a re-raise from Jun Mondalo who made it 3,600 total.

From the hi-jack, Lacsmana had an even better idea: a three-bet shove worth around 16,675!

Small blind, big blind, Chua and Mondalo all fold… Giving the pot to Lacsamana. Easy as pie, he almost said.

Carlos Ousts Galan and Another Player

Nick Galan Nick Galan

An unknown player, who had the shortest stack in the table went all in with around 2,500 and found three callers including Nick Galan and Win Carlos.

The flop A? Q 7 came prompting Galan to go all-in only to find Carlo with the quick call with the other player folding.

Unknown player: K? Q?
Galan: A? J?
Carlos: A? K?

Galan and the unknown player missed their outs on the turn 4 and river 8 adding more chips for Carlos, who has one of the massive stacks in the evening.

Villamor’s Big Slick Pain and Joy

Francis Villamor Francis Villamor

In one hand, Francis Villamor couldn’t have been too happy to have his A Q go up against the short-stacked Pasi Vuolasvirta’s all in with A K. The resulting board of 4 10 2 9 10 was absolutely no help to Villamor.

Perhaps that explains why the very next hand he decided to limp with his own Big Slick from under the gun. An all in of 18,000 from the hijack position holding A? 10? was just what Villamor wanted and a board of K 7 A 9 Q saw everything go according to his plan this time around.

Escano Exits on a Bluff

Allan Escano Allan Escano

Alan Escano, founder of the Filipino Poker Tour, chose to tangle with Glen Garcia in this pot after Garcia raised with K Q. Escano called and saw a flop of 6 6 K.

Escano went all in holding just A? 2? and couldn’t have liked the call from Garcia. The Q turn and 4 river meant Escano was sent home to fight another day.

PPA’s Sharon Yu in action with Nick Galan

PPA's Sharon Yu in action with Nick Galan