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Brion Gets Busted

Ian Brion Ian Brion

Calling a raise to 750 preflop with K 10, Ian Brion hit top pair on a flop of 2 9 K.

Jojo Allado was the original raiser and followed it up with a 2000 bet. Brion just calls and we see the 8 turn. Another bet, this time 3000, is called by Brion.

On the J river all the money goes in and Allado turns over A K to give Brion the bad news.

Day 1B: Level 5 – Ante – 25; Blinds – 150/300

Generic Metro Card Shots

Darjuan’s Bullets Oust Anonymous American

Ralph Darjuan Ralph Darjuan

Pre-flop, an American who wouldn’t divulge his name went all-in and found a caller in Ralph Darjuan, who had one of the bigger stacks in the table.

Darjuan: A A
Anonymous American: 7 7

The flop Q 9 4 was of no help to the American nor was the turn 8 and river A sending him home. We apologize if we couldn’t get his name, we did try, but he just wants to be known as “anonymous”

Darjuan climbs to around 60,000.

Macias Cleans Up Short Stack

With Q 9 Alquin “AK” Macias has sent another short stack to the rail. All the action happened preflop with the short stack shoving all in and holding 9 9.

The call from Macias came and he couldn’t have wished for a better flop than Q 7 K. The turn 6 and river 8 didn’t change anything and another short stack is gone.

Day 1B: Level 4 – Blinds at 150/300.

Metro Card Chips

Gee Stuns Korean

Gee Zervoulakos Gee Zervoulakos

From UTG, Gee Zervoulakos raised to 1,200 during preflop finding a willing customer in Pil Kwon Kim.

The flop showed 5 Q 10 and Zervoulakos fired another 2,300. Enough to force the fold from Kim.

Pusang Gala Sent to the Rail

Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona has just been busted out with his A? Q?, we’re still gathering all the details but what we’ve heard is his top pair with top kicker has been busted by a runner-runner.