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Day 2 Ends

Mike Garcia Mike Garcia

Day 2 action of the Dirty Ice Cream Cup has just ended. As usual, the tournament staff is bagging and tagging the chips and we’ll post the official count later.

Mike Garcia runs away with 518,500 worth of chips leading a field of 48 who advanced to the final day set to start tomorrow at 3PM. Check our front page for today’s recap.

“I don’t want to return tomorrow with a short stack”

Brick Dava Brick Dava

And so said Brick Dava.

From the middle position, Alan Magalit raised to 21,000 only to see Brick Dava, from the big blind go all-in with his final 45,000.

Magalit snap called and we have a showdown in the final hand of the evening:

Magalit: A A
Dava: 6 J

The flop 8 8 10 and turn 6 provided a bit of drama as Dava gained a flush draw. However, the river 5 did not provide any miracle and ends Dava’s run in the DICC.

Indeed, Dava isn’t returning for the final day with a short stack.

De la Cruz’s Late Double-Up

Oliver Cristobal Oliver Cristobal

From UTG, Oliver Cristobal raised to 20,000 only to see an all-in from Mark de la Cruz with over 60,000!

Cristobal made the call and showed J? J? but was up against De la Cruz’s A? A?

The flop A 10 Q gave De la Cruz the set but gave Cristobal the gut shot straight draw, however the turn 9 and river 9 did not help Cristobal meaning De la Cruz doubles up going into the final day.

Edoc Sees Red

Red Edoc Red Edoc

After exchanges of raises and re-raises from three players, Red Edoc shoved worth around 56,900 and had a caller from the lo-jack, Emerson Tan while Kenji See threw away his hand.

Edoc: J 3
Tan: K K

The board 9 Q 6 A 10 blanked out for Edoc and he is booted out of the DICC.

Marcos Ousted!

Francisco Marcos Francisco Marcos

Dante Antipuesto raised to 15,000 but the small blind, Francis Marcos re-raised all-in to 35,600. Antipuesto made the call and a showdown was set:

Antipuesto: K A
Marcos: Q Q

Antipuesto spiked a king right off the flop J 4 K… and the A on the turn… And, more importantly, avoided the queen on the river 8… Marcos’ run ends in the DICC.

Sunshine Fades Out

Darwin Pachica (right) Darwin Pachica (right)

Up against Darwin Pachica, Sunshine Samson in the small blind called her opponent’s preflop bet to 24,000.

The flop came down all clubs with 10 7 5. Samson bets out 40,000 and is called. On the Q turn she moves all in and is again called.

Show hands:
Samson 8 8
Pachica A K

The river produces a K to give Pachica the nut flush and put an end to Samson’s DICC campaign.

Sevilla Sent Home

Don Sevilla Don Sevilla

In an unraised pot and flop of 9 5 3 Don Sevilla raised to 7,000 from the small blind only to see the big blind, Marvin Fernandez re-pop to an additional 14,000 more.

Sevilla shoved and a snap call came from Fernandez.

Sevilla: 9 10
Fernandez: J J

No spiked nine/ten on the turn 2 and river 4 and Sevilla goes home.