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Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
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Day 1A Done and Dusted

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100

And that’s a wrap folks, Day 1A of the MPC Red Dragon is now in the books and players are in the process of bagging up their chips. Of the 188 entrants, 62 successfully circumnavigated the tournament minefield to return on Saturday for Day 2. Join us tomorrow for Day 1B which kicks off at 8.10pm.

The Story of Li

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
Chao Li Chao Li

We missed Chao Li’s rise to the top as chip leader but was able to get a key hand that carried him there from the man himself…

From the button Li raised preflop with Pocket Eights and was called by the second chip leader at the time in the big blind. The flop came out 4 8 Q and Li chose not to slow play his set, betting out 1700 when it was checked to him.

A call delivered a 5 on the turn, which was very handy for Li considering his opponent held Pocket Fives and had just tripped up. They check-raised Li’s fourth street bet and Li moved all in for 30,000 and was obviously called. An immaterial A river gave Li the massive double up and it paved the way for his finish of the day as chip leader on 115,500.

River To The Rescue

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
"Ming" "Ming"

After a short-stacked Jae Hak Kim moves all-in for 13,000 from middle position a player sitting on the button (he only gave us the name Ming, and there’s three of those playing today so it’s either Mingqin Liu, Wei Ming Tsien or Hongming Zhou…) announces he is all-in for 30,000 in total.

After demanding a count the Big Blind debates making the call before eventually deciding that discretion is the better part of valour and getting out of the way. The cards go on their backs and it is Kim who finds himself in need of a miracle, his 10 6 trailing to Ming’s A J.

Kim finds no help on the K 5 3 flop, though the 4 turn gives him an open ended straight draw. It’s the river to the rescue and while Kim misses his backdoor draw he hits the 10 to secure himself a double up. Ming slips to 17,000 while Kim is up to 28,700.

Hayamizu Lays Hooks into Big Pot

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
Manami Hayamizu Manami Hayamizu

Japan’s Manami Hayamizu opened this pot preflop with a minimum bet and is called by the cutoff player. The flop delivers 4 5 6 and Hayamizu leads out for 5000. Her opponent raises it up to 14,000 and Hayamizu tanks before moving all in for another 12,600. The call is made and Hayamizu’s J J are way in front of the cutoff’s 9 9. The 2 turn and Q river send a pot of around 60,000 to Hayamizu.

With 13,000 left the cutoff player gets busted out the very next hand and makes a quick exit.

Li in the Lead

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
Chao Li Chao Li

We’ve just had word that Chao Li is the current chip leader. His stack sits at around the 90,000 mark. Li has had previous success winning the first Asian Poker King Tournament of 2011. We’ll keep a close eye on him to see if he can set himself up for a Macau double by winning the MPC.

Break Time

Level: 9 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

Players are now on a short 10 minute break, stay tuned and we’ll bring you more action and adventure when play resumes.