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Wu Climbs Back

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Raymond Wu Raymond Wu

Team PokerStars Pro, Raymond Wu, has clawed his way back to a stack that is just over average in the room. In this hand, Wei Ming Tseng bet 800 preflop and was called by Michael Mariakis in the small blind and Wu in the big blind. They went to a flop of A 3 6. Mariakis checks and Wu donk bets 850. Both his opponents call and the turn 10 is checked around.

On the river 3 action is checked to Tseng who attempts to seize control with a 1600 bet. Mariakis calls but Wu then re-pops it to 4350. Tseng and Mariakis fold and Wu takes it down without showing his hand. His stack is now around 20,000.

Clinton Makes Wong Move

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50

The UK’s Michael Clinton has just seen his Red Dragon come to an abrupt end, courtesy of Hong Kong’s Wai Kin Wong.

Short-stacked and about to hit the blinds Clinton looks down to see Ace Five and moves all-in from under-the-gun only for Wong to wake up in the hijack with Pocket Queens.

The Q 7 6 flop gives Wong top set and leaves Clinton needing to hit runner, runner to stay alive. The 9 turn gives him gutshot possibilities, which fail to materialise when the 4 lands on the river to send Clinton to the rail.

Kim Continues Climb

Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25

Gab Yong Kim’s stack is continuing to rise as the Korean keeps up the aggression, this time at the expense of Australia’s Clint Pemberton.

Kim raises to 700 from UTG+2, but has shown a willingness to open quite light from early position. Action folds around to Pemberton in the hijack who re-raises to 2,100 in total and after a brief visit to the think tank Kim makes the call before checking the 3 4 8 flop.

Pemberton fires out a 3,000 c-bet and Kim counts out the call before tossing it in the middle. Both players check the J turn before Kim fires out a bet of 3,500 when the 2 hits the river. Pemberton doesn’t take long to fold and Kim rakes in a pot worth 10,450, he’s now up to 40,000 while Pemberton slips to around 23,000.

What’s On Your Mind?

Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
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Tan Survives with Two-Outer

Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
Ivan Tan Ivan Tan

After this hand Ivan Tan suggested we write this post up with a “Fish Alert” against his name. We feel he was perhaps being a bit harsh on himself but there was no question he got lucky – with the best hand we might add.

We caught the action on a flop of 4 4 2. Percy Yung is in the hijack and fires out a bet. Tan makes the call and so too does a player from middle position. On the turn 7 Tan is quick to move all in for around 6000. The middle position player tanks before folding and Yung immediately calls. Tan senses he’s in trouble and Yung shows 5 4 to have Tan’s Q Q halfway out the door.

A Tan supporter then yells “queen” just as the dealer turns over the river Q to give Tan a full house and keep his Red Dragon hopes alive. The loss visibly jolts Jung in her chair and she will no doubt find it tough to shake off such a bad beat.

More Magic For Mariakis

Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
Michael Mariakis Michael Mariakis

The deck is hitting Michael Mariakis in the face at the moment and it seems as if the Australian can do no wrong. After looking down to see Pocket Aces in middle position Mariakis decides a crafty limp is in order to extract full value from his Rockets.

Blissfully unaware anything untoward is going on, Singapore’s Jing Xiang Ong looks down to see A K and bumps it up to 800 to go. The Big Blind decides to come along for the ride until Mariakis re-pops it to 3,300 and Ong moves all-in for just over 6,000 in total. After the Big Blind steps out of the way Ong discovers the bad news.

A diamond-less 7? 6? 5? flop leaves Ong drawing extremely thin and a meaningless Jack on the turn means the Singaporean is dead in the water. Mariaklis on the other hand is now up to 50,000.

Short-stacked Shove Ends In Tears

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25

A short-stacked Will Cheong has just moved all-in from middle position, finding a caller in the form of Taipei’s Chung Chieh Kang. Cheong is in need of some help however, his speculative 7 8 trailing to Kang’s A 9.

While Cheong hits bottom pair on the 9 7 J flop he is still trailing to Kang’s pair of Nines and will need to hit a seven or eight to stay alive.

The 3 turn and 4 river provide Cheong with no help and he is forced to make the long, lonely walk to the rail. Kang on the other hand is now up to 20,000 in chips.