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No Repeat Chance For Nelson

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Seat draws are one of the things that can make or break a player’s tournament – get a good seat and a soft table and life’s a breeze, get a tough table and a good player with position on you and life’s not so much fun.

With ANZPT Melbourne champion and serial final tablist Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson, and MPCC Event 3 winner Japan’s Seijiro Machi sitting next to each other, one table we’ve picked out that should be worth watching today is table 15.

One player on here who has already managed to add to his 20,000-chip starting stack is China’s Cheng Li. We caught the action on the river, and with around 10,000 in the middle of the table and the board showing Q 4 2 10 J Nelson finds himself contemplating a 6,000 bet from Li.

After tanking for a while Nelson finds the call. “I’ve got it,” states Li, prompting an insta-muck from Nelson and Li rakes in the pot without showdown, or in fact even showing his cards…

While Li climbs to around 40,000 Nelson slips down to below the 10,000 mark and is all-in just a scant few hands later – his 8 8 racing against Dean Holt’s A Q.

Unfortunately the board runs out A 5 3 K 6 and Nelson is left with no option but to tap the table, mutter “good game,” and head for the exit.

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