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Steicke Speed Play

Level: 4 Blinds: 150/300 Ante: 25
David Steicke David Steicke

From the low-jack, David Steicke called a preflop 750 raise from his opponent in early position. The two players go to an all-heart flop of K 7 8 and both elect to check.

On the turn Q the preflop aggressor announces a bet of 1300 but before he has even picked up his chips Steicke has thrown in a call. On the river 8 the action is checked to Steicke and he counts out 2800 into the middle. However, when his opponent announces a call Steicke insta-mucks and, unfortunately, we don’t get to see either player’s cards.

With only around 14,000 left in chips and from the looks of Steicke’s speed play, we are guessing that his patience is wearing a bit thin.

Ting Left Hanging

Level: 3 Blinds: 150/300 Ante:

Pocket pairs are all well and good, but sometimes tournament poker is all about hitting flops – a fact that Ting Hang Fung has just discovered to his cost.

All of Fung’s woes started after a player in early position raises to 750, finding calls from Cheng Li in the low-jack, and a player in the hi-jack before Japan’s Seijiro Machi re-pops it to 4,200.

Machi’s bet looks a little like a positional squeeze play so when Fung – sitting in the big blind – looks down to see 7 7 he decides to take a stand and opts to four-bet to 9,900 in total, leaving himself just 10,200 behind.

After the rest of the traffic gets out of the way, Machi, sitting on a sizable stack, chooses to roll the dice and makes the call so we go heads-up to a flop of K 5 6.

With just one over-card to his pocket pair Fung decides to go for it and moves his remaining chips into the middle only to discover some upsetting news; Machi’s K J has hit the flop and he duly makes the call. With no Seven or running straight cards making an appearance on the turn and river Fung is left high and dry and makes his exit, while Machi rakes in the pot. He’s now sitting on a sizable stack of just over 85,000 or so.

Arce Falls for Good Will Hunting

Level: 3 Blinds: 150/300 Ante:
Neil Arce Neil Arce

In a three-handed pot, both Neil Arce and Will Cheong saw a flop of K 5 6. Arce, in the small blind at seat 9, leads out on it for 900. Cheong makes the quick call from the big blind and their other opponent steps out of the hand.

On the turn 3 Arce continues his story and puts another 1800 in the middle. Cheong again quickly calls and this prompts Arce to lean around the dealer and get a better look at his opponent in seat 1.

When the river 5 lands Arce quickly taps the table with his fingers and the action is passed to Cheong. He seizes on it and rolls 3500 more into the pot. It perhaps looks like he’s just betting his busted flush draw and Arce ends up making the call. However, Cheong was just getting some extra value for his K Q and Arce mucks his hand.

Arce is now down to around 25,000 in chips.

Roger, Over and Out

Level: 3 Blinds: 150/300 Ante:

After taking a big hit at the hands of Sunny Jung just a few hands prior, Michael Mariakis has just had a timely table move, which saw him get right back into the game at the expense of the unfortunate Roger Spets.

Following a player’s early position raise to 750, four players (including Mariakis and Spets) opt to make the call and we’re off to a flop, which runs out 5 Q J.

The original raiser checks and Mariakis takes a stab for 2,100 from middle position before Spets shoves all-in for 10,075 in total. While the rest of the table decide to get out of the way Mariakis isn’t going anywhere and he makes the call holding Q 10, which is well ahead of Spets’ 10 4, though he will have to fade the spades.

Blanks on the turn and river see Mariakis scoop a pot worth around 27,000, whilst Spets will be signing off and heading for the exit.

Jungle Massive

Level: 3 Blinds: 150/300 Ante:
Michael Mariakis Michael Mariakis

It’s a jungle out there, with players beginning to fall prey to Day 1A’s poker predators. At present our tournament top dog alpha male is Korea’s Sunny Jung who has just collected his latest scalp – Hong Kong’s Michael Tran.

Sitting under-the-gun holding Q 10 Tran understandably gets all the chips in against Jung’s J 8 on a J A 7 flop, but fails to get there when the turn and river fall 8, 6d} respectively to give Jung two pair and a stack of 60,000 and Tran is forced to take the long walk of shame to the rail.

Jung extends his lead still further the very next hand after he makes it 750 to go from the button and finds a caller in the form of the sharply dressed Michael Mariakis in the small blind before the Big Blind makes it 1,750 to go. Both Jung and Mariakis call and we head three-way to a flop of 5 9 7.

After Mariakis checks, the Big Blind fires out a 3,100 c-bet and again both Jung and Mariakis make the call to see the K turn. Not to be deterred the Big Blind fires again, this time making it 7,225 only to see Jung – who has both players covered – move all-in. It’s enough to earn folds from his two opponents move his stack up to the giddy heights of 75,000.

Finn Finds Fold

Level: 2 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:

We caught the action on the turn in a sizable pot involving Finland’s Teemu Liari Autio and Romania’s Andrei Percaru. With just over 9,000 in the middle and the board reading 9 2 3 8 Percaru checks and Autio decides to take a stab for 3,500 leaving himself 8,000 behind. Percaru asks for a count and tanks for a minute before opting to put Autio to the test and three-bets to 12,000 in total.

This put’s Autio to a decision for his tournament life and this time it’s the Finn’s turn to tank, which he does so for around 5 minutes before grudgingly finding the fold and Percaru rakes in a pot worth 24,500 without showdown. Must be nice…

Sunny Jung: “Let’s Gamble”

Level: 2 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:
Sunny Jung Sunny Jung

Korean Sunny Jung is definitely in a playful mood – as demonstrated in this hand with Makato Yoshimichi from Japan. Yoshimichi opened the pot with a raise to 525 from middle position. In the big blind, Jung three-bets to 2000 and his opponent responds with a shove all in for 16,675.

Jung has a think about it before declaring, “Let’s gamble” to the table. When he turns over 4 4 it is indeed a gamble and hope that he’s not up against an over-pair. However, Yoshimichi does indeed hold the goods with K K and Jung can’t find any help on the resulting board.

Jung still has quite a few chips to play with though. His stack is now hovering around the 30,000 mark.