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A Walk in the Park

Level: 2 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:

It’s looking to be a nice, sunny day for Korea’s Sun Hee Park, thought the outlook does not look good for the USA’s Tom Sheng Hu – there might even be some rain over in the States, especially after the following hand.

After Hu opts to limp from late position, China’s Richard Hu bumps it up to 675 from the button only to see Park three-bet to 2,375 from the big blind. Not to be out done Tom Hu decides to four-bet shove, Richard Hu gets out of the way and after a Hollywood tank Park makes the call and the other players at the table are already chuckling as the cards go on their backs:

Sun Hee Park: A A
Tom Sheng Hu: A 10

There is no help for Hu as the board runs out 8 9 K 10 4 and Park secures himself the double-up – he’s now up to what he started with on just over 20,000, while Hu drops to 7,000.

Oh, Shih…!

Level: 2 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:

…is pretty much what China’s Mingyu Zhang must have been thinking after the following hand against Chinese Taipei’s Shih Chieh Su. Sitting in late position holding Q K, Zhang must have thought Christmas had come early when Su moved all-in on the Q 9 Q flop.

After making the call however, Zhang found himself the victim of a spot of ice-cold decking when Su tabled his A Q and the turn and river ran out 10, 7 respectively, meaning Su’s Ace kicker is enough to drag in the 40,000-chip pot.

Zhang can do nothing but curse the fickleness of the poker gods, but he’s down and not out, slipping to around 11,800 in chips.

Herz Straightens Out

Level: 2 Blinds: 100/200 Ante:

On a flop of 7 8 9, Scott Herz and his two opponents checked the action around. The turn of 5 prompted the big blind player to bet 3000. A middle position player made the call before Herz moved all in for 8000 and then the big blind followed for 15,750. This made the middle position player rethink somewhat and he folded.

When both players show cards Herz’s J 10 nut straight is in front of his opponent’s 6 4 for the baby straight but he still needs to dodge a spade on the river. The dealer obliges with a blank 3 and Herz gets a nice double up and then some.

No Repeat Chance For Nelson

Level: 1 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:

Seat draws are one of the things that can make or break a player’s tournament – get a good seat and a soft table and life’s a breeze, get a tough table and a good player with position on you and life’s not so much fun.

With ANZPT Melbourne champion and serial final tablist Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson, and MPCC Event 3 winner Japan’s Seijiro Machi sitting next to each other, one table we’ve picked out that should be worth watching today is table 15.

One player on here who has already managed to add to his 20,000-chip starting stack is China’s Cheng Li. We caught the action on the river, and with around 10,000 in the middle of the table and the board showing Q 4 2 10 J Nelson finds himself contemplating a 6,000 bet from Li.

After tanking for a while Nelson finds the call. “I’ve got it,” states Li, prompting an insta-muck from Nelson and Li rakes in the pot without showdown, or in fact even showing his cards…

While Li climbs to around 40,000 Nelson slips down to below the 10,000 mark and is all-in just a scant few hands later – his 8 8 racing against Dean Holt’s A Q.

Unfortunately the board runs out A 5 3 K 6 and Nelson is left with no option but to tap the table, mutter “good game,” and head for the exit.

Early Sunny Rise

Level: 1 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:
Sunny Jung Sunny Jung

On a board of 7 6 Q 9 we saw Sunny Jung move all in. His opponent, David Man, tanked for about two minutes before making the call. Jung tabled 8 10 for the nuts and Man needed to fill up with Q 9 for two-pair. However, the river was a blank to send Man to the rail.

Not long after and perhaps now buoyed with confidence, Jung rather daringly went to war with Tao Wang on a flop of 3 A 6. Wang bet out 700 and Jung re-popped to 1800. Wang responded by making it 1500 more but Jung came back with another 5000 on top.

The battle of wills proved too much for Wang who folded and Jung cheekily rolled over 8 8 to show he had come here to play strong.

Lam Chops into Yung

Level: Level 1 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:
Charles Lam Charles Lam

Charles Lam has just dished out some hurt on Percy Yung. In a raised and re-raised pot with plenty of chips in the middle, the two players went to a flop of A 4 A, which was then checked.

On the turn 4 Yung leads out for 2500 from the big blind and this sends the head-phoned Lam into the tank. He eventually makes the call, delivering the 2 on the river.

Yung wastes no time in throwing a yellow chip in the middle and declaring a 3000 bet. Lam doesn’t like it but if he called on the turn with this board then he has to trust his first instincts on the river. He reluctantly calls and it’s the right one. Yung shows 6 6 for what was essentially a bluff and Lam takes it down with K K.

Just In Time

Level: 1 Blinds: 50/100 Ante:
Justin Chan Justin Chan

Canada’s Justin Chan has got off to a timely start here at the MPCC and has padded out his stack nicely, courtesy of an unfortunate opponent. Chan popped it up to 300 from the button and found a caller in the Big Blind, before c-betting 400 on the 5 4 10 flop only to see his opponent min re-raise to 800.

Chan makes the call and the 4 hits the turn, prompting the Big Blind to lead out for 1,000. Chan opts to call again before checking the 3 river and then calling his opponent’s 1,200 river bet, tabling 6 4 for trips, which is in front of the Big Blinds A 10. With that timely turn card Chan rakes in the pot and is now up to over 26,000.