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Tagawa Trims Chong

Level: 8 Blinds: 400/800 Ante: 75
Victor Chong Victor Chong

Chip leader, Victor Chong, has just taken a hit to his stack courtesy of Japan’s Kiyomi Tagawa. From early position, Tagawa raised the preflop action to 2500 and Chong made the call on the button with A J. The big blind also called and we went to the flop three-handed.

The dealer tabled 8 A 2 and after a check from the big blind Tagawa moved all in for 8750. Chong tanks and is the only one to call. However, his hand is a sour one as it’s up against Tagawa’s A K. With no Jack on the turn or river Tagawa is back in the game and Chong will have to wait a while longer to get above the 100k mark.

Chong is Chip Leader

Level: 7 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 50

Malaysia’s Victor Chong is the current chip leader in the room with around 98,000 in chips.

Pereira Grants Lam A Reprieve

Level: 7 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 50
Thommy Lam Thommy Lam

The Netherlands’ Tommy Lam has just got a get out of jail free card courtesy of Malaysia’s Jerry Dinesh Pereira. Sitting UTG+1 Pereira makes it 1,800 to go and picks up an early position caller before Lam moves all-in for his last 8,600 from the big blind. Pereira re-shoves to isolate, the caller gets out of the way and we’re off to the races.

Tommy Lam: 5 5
Jerry Dinesh Pereira: A J

While the 10 4 Q flop gives Pereira a gutshot and two overs it is Lam who stays in the lead, where he remains when the turn and river run out 3 and 6 respectively. The garrulous Dutch pro is now up to around 20,000 and Pereira drops to around 26,000.

Taxi – To The Kopacabana

Level: 7 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 50

We caught the action on the flop, which read 9 4 7 with 2,700 sitting in the middle in blinds and antes.

Sitting in the big blind Sam Botak checks and Japan’s Shiono ‘Kopa’ Takashi bets out 2,100 causing Botak to hit the think tank.

After asking the dealer to spread the pot, Botak check-raises to 5,500 in total and Takashi responds with a four-bet to 11,000 only to see Botak move all-in for around 65,000.

Left with just 15,000 or so Takashi doesn’t waste much time getting the rest of his chips in and the cards go on their backs.

Sam Botak: 9 4
Shiono Takashi: J J

Takashi is in need of some help, his over pair trailing to Botak’s flopped two pair, but unfortunately none is forthcoming and the turn and river run out K and 4 respectively to give Botak the full house and granting Takashi a complementary taxi ride to the rail. Botak’s now up to the 100,000 mark.

Mr Macau Gets Frisky

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Charles Chua Charles Chua

Charles Chua told us that this hand was a case of “get chips or go home”. With just 9 5 Chua raised to 900 from the lowjack. He is called in the hijack before the small blind min raises to 1800 holding K Q. Chua responds with a four-bet to 4200 and the hijack moves all in for 4000 before a call from the small blind.

The flop of 3 6 6 is checked by both players, but Chua bets 4000 after connecting on the turn 5. His opponent is non-believer and calls, giving us a 6 river. The small blind tries a steal on the end with a bet of 6000 but Chua isn’t going anywhere and makes the call. When he shows his hand the all-in player mucks and Chua rakes in a sizeable pot, having just made lemonade from lemons.

Big Slick Tan

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50

Jay Tan has just doubled up with A K. The short stacked Tan decided to just call a preflop raise of 2000. The flop came down 9 K 7 and his opponent moved all in. Tan made the easy call for his remaining 4200 and was well in front of his opponent’s Pocket Jacks. The turn and river blanked out and Tan gets the double.

All Over for Arce

Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400 Ante: 50
Neil Arce Neil Arce

From UTG+1, Neil Arce limped holding 9 7 and was raised to 1200 by the player to his immediate left, Hong Tat Chui. Arce decides to try his luck with a call, despite holding a short stack and the flop of 9 2 J is good enough for him to move all in on.

The only problem is that he doesn’t have enough behind him to scare aware his opponent who calls with K Q for two overs and the gutshot straight draw. The 8 turn is good for Arce but a K on the river is like a rusty needle to the retina.

Chui stacks now sits on 21,000.