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Arce Up

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25

Neil Arce raised to 650 from early position and received a caller in the cutoff and the big blind. The flop delivered 2 5 Q and Arce followed up with bet of 1800. The cutoff player called and the big blind folded.

Both players then check the turn 6 and also the river 7 but when cards are shown Arce’s A J is still in front of his opponent’s A 3. Arce’s stack is now hovering around the 27,000 mark.

Pan ‘Allegedly’ Squeezes Ladies

Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 25

In the big blind, Taipei’s Chun Liang Pan re-popped a UTG 550 raise to 1225 more in what looked like a classic squeeze play after Sparrow Cheung called in the cutoff. However, it didn’t make the UTG player fold and after some tank time Cheung also called.

The flop of A 8 8 is checked by all players but on the turn Pan sends out 3200 into the middle. The UTG immediately folds but Cheung is reluctant to give away his hand. With a shake of the head and smile he eventually folds, asking Pan whether he had Ace-King.

Hirotoshi Nakabo then pipes up and says, “No, Queens” and Pan confirms that he is correct.

Steicke Sticks It To Choi

Level: 3 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
David Steicke David Steicke

A short-stacked David Steicke choose to get sneaky with his Pocket Queens, opting to limp from under the gun to encourage a late position raise. Yu Jung Choi kindly obliges by popping it up to around 600 allowing Steicke to ship his last 4,000. Choi decides to gamble and makes the call with 8 9.

The A 7 Q however, is not the flop he was looking for. Steicke on the other hand is delighted to hit middle set and running Fours on the turn and river fill his full house and award him the 9,000 pot while Choi drops down to 13,000.

Unfortunately for Steicke he is unable to hold onto his newly won chips for long and is eliminated shortly afterwards, though we missed his exit hand.

Action Stations!

Level: 3 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0

Players are certainly not shy about getting their chips in the middle today and are playing with an almost reckless abandon.
Following three early position limps Hong Kong’s Eric Chen silently signs all-in, making the ‘A’ symbol with his hands before pushing his entire 9,200 chip stack into the centre of the table. Malaysia’s Haz Yusuf sitting in the big blind lets out a chuckle before asking Chen ‘Really?’ and turning to the dealer to ask how much. Yusuf doesn’t waste much time before re-shoving only to see Japan’s Shoichi Naitoh make the call for his remaining stack and we have a three-way all in.

Eric Chen: A K
Haz Yusuf: A K
Shoichi Naitoh: J J

While Naitoh hits his set to put him in the lead on the 6 7 J flop the two spades means he has to sweat Yusuf’s nut flush draw. The poker gods have decided to side with Japan this time around however and running Queens on the turn and river see Naitoh fill up and scoop the pot, he’s now up to 13,500. Yusuf still has a sizable 23,000 with which to work with while Chen slumps to 4,500.

Hong Bites Lin’s Heels

Level: 3 Blinds: 100/200 Ante: 0
Hung-sheng Lin Hung-sheng Lin

The short-stacked Per Kok Hong has just nipped at the bottom of Hung-Sheng Lin’s stack. He limped preflop on the hijack and then called a button raise from Lin to 650.

On the flop of 6 9 10 Hong checked and Lin bet 1000, prompting Hong to move all in for 3050. Lin clearly isn’t happy with this turn of events and tanks before making a crying call. However, his A Q is way behind Hong’s A 6.

A 9 on the turn gives Lin more three more outs but the 5 river ensures Hong’s double up courtesy of the Macau Millions champ.

Five Victims on Table #6

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0
Charles Chua Charles Chua

Table #6 is the action table right now with five early bust outs. One of those was Sixiao “Juicy” Li when her Kings ran into Hung-Sheng Lin’s Bullets.

Charles Chua has been content to hang back for the meanwhile, waiting for hands in between some Angry Bird action.

Raymond Chows Down On Lin

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0

Just after the action of the last hand we hear another action packed story from the same table, relayed to us courtesy of New Zealand’s Dan Sing.

Following a middle position limp Taipei’s Jeffery Lin pops it up to 375 from the cut off. Malaysia’s Kelvin Lau flat calls from the button before Hong Kong’s Raymond Chow re-pops it to 1,000. Not one to be intimidated Lin four-bets to 3,000, Lau gets out of the way and Chow now five-bets to around 6,500 before Lin makes the call.

The 6? 6? 4? flop isn’t exactly an action one, but this does not deter our two protagonists in the slightest. Chow fires out a continuation bet before Lin calmly announces all-in, prompting Chow to visit the think tank, before eventually calling… and tabling Pocket Aces.

‘Wow! I didn’t think you had Aces there,’ exclaims Lin as he flips over his Pocket Tens, which find no help on the turn and river. He’s now down to just 800 chips while Chow climbs to around 29,000.