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Fringe Action

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0

There are so many runners here today that they have even set some poker tables way out over by the bar – and this is in addition to the four extra tables added outside the cash area. However, just because they tables are out on the fringes doesn’t mean that the action is any less fast and furious.

We made our way over to the outer limits of the tournament area just in time to catch a two way all-in over on table 25. With the flop reading 2 3 10 Malaysia’s Wai Kin Yong gets all his chips in against Singapore’s Jing Xiang Ong. The cards go on their backs and it is Ong who is in need of some help, though it is Yong who’s tournament life is at risk.

Wai Kin Yong: 2 2
Jing Xiang Ong: 8 9

Blanks on the turn and river see Yong scoop a tasty pot – he’s now up to around the 25,000 mark while Ong is left with around 5,000 or so.

Two Kings in Ming’s Dynasty

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0

Dong Ming Lee opened this pot preflop holding Pocket Kings from middle position with a raise to 200. He is called in the hijack by Kai Lee Tse but the button wants to ramp things up with a three-bet to 500. Both his opponents call and we go to a flop of 4 10 Q.

Lee decides to slow play his hand and check-calls a 2000 bet from Tse, after the cutoff also calls. On the turn 3 all three players check but on the river 8 Lee leads out for 3000. Tse is the only one to look him up and mucks after seeing Lee’s Kings.

Sparrow Hatches Three Chicks

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Sparrow Cheung Sparrow Cheung

Holding Pocket Queens, Sparrow Cheung raised to 175 from UTG and was three-bet from the button player, Adrian Chua, to 525. Cheung calls and was no doubt tickled pink to see a flop of Q 5 2. He then check-raises his opponent to 2000 and is called.

On the 6 turn, Cheung leads out for 3500 and again Chua doesn’t back away. On the river 10 Cheung fires 5000 more into the pot and is Chua looks him up but mucks his hand once he sees the bad news; his stack is now teetering on just 5000 left.

Table to Watch: #6

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Hung-Sheng Lin Hung-Sheng Lin

Our PPA hand reporters will no doubt be sticking to Table #6 like gum to a sneaker sole. On it we have “Mr Macau” himself, Charles Chua, plus Sixiao “Juicy” Li and the APOY leaderboard current frontrunner Hung-Sheng Lin.

We caught a few hands on the table but our notables appear to be sitting back and letting the others tangle early. However, we did see Charles Chua win a yawn-fest hand with Pocket Fours that was checked around all the way by the four people in the pot.

And We’re Off…

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0
Macau Poker Cup Macau Poker Cup

Day 1B of the Red Dragon Main event is underway and looks set to be an action packed affair. We have had over 200 registered entries so far and players are still buying in over at the cash desk. Notables include the Philippines Neil ‘Dirty Icecream’ Arce, Poker King’s Winfred Yu, Charles ‘Mr Macau’ Chua, Japan’s Hirotoshi ‘Sushi Man’ Nakabu, the delectable Percy Yung, Raiden Kan, Darren Yoon, Michael Marvanek, Korea’s Young-Shing Im, Macau Millions Champion Hung Sheng Lin and a whole host of others.