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Spider-Mah Strikes Again, Coetzer Out

Conrad CoetzerConrad Coetzer

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Conrad Coetzer
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Kwan Pao Mah

Perched under his trademark Spider-Man cap for this tournament, Kwan Pao Mah has quietly web-slung his way into heads up play. South African Conrad Coetzer raised from the button to 90,000 and Mah made it 180,000 more to go. A call from Coetzer sees a flop of 3 K 8. Mah asks the dealer if they can count how much is in the pot and is politely refused. He then reaches for four towers of yellow chips to bet out 400,000. Coetzer looks very interested and doesn’t take long to announce all-in. Mah makes the call and we have a showdown.

Mah: K J
Coetzer: A 9

Coetzer is behind with his flush draw and the turn delivers a J to give Mah two-pair. The river K gives him a full house and his 1,454,000 stack has the South African covered who takes home HKD $402,300 for 3rd place.

The two remaining players go into the heads up duel almost even handed with Mah slightly ahead on 3,352,000 compared to Haifeng Xue’s 3,212,000.

A notable fact is that Mah qualified for the Red Dragon Main Event through a HKD $1200 satellite and is guaranteed at the very least a HKD $679,400 payday.

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