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Day 1B Ends

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200
PokerStars Macau PokerStars Macau

The dust has finally settled in the PokerStars Macau tournament room and the action has drawn to a close. Join us tomorrow at 12:10pm for all the tournament thrills and spills of Day 2.

Peteri Call Drives Suzuki Crazy

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200

Sitting with a towering stack of chips Japan’s Suzuki Takuya calmly sticks in a raise to 3,300 from under the gun, finding a caller in the form of Hungary’s Gabor Peteri.

With action drawing to a close the rest of the table decide to stay out of the way and we go heads-up to the 5 7 2 flop. Suzuki keeps his foot pressed firmly to the floor and fires out a c-bet of 4,500.

After pausing to consider his options Peteri three-bets to 17,000 in total, leaving himself around 30,000 or so behind. Suzuki now accelerates the action and swiftly announces “All-in!” before pushing his towering stack into the centre of the table.

Peteri doesn’t look to happy at this turn of events and hits the think tank hard whilst furiously riffling his chips so fast it’s a surprise they don’t spontaneously combust in his hands.

After a good five minutes of some intense thinking the Hungarian stacks up his chips and slams them down in the centre, flipping over 10 10. Suzuki looks less than impressed, and despondently flips over Pocket Nines to loud ‘Oooohhs!’ from the spectators crowding around the table.

“What a call,” states one of the watching crowd. Suzuki can only shake his head sadly as the turn and river run out A and 8 respectively, awarding Peteri the monster 100,000 pot. While Suzuki will be returning for Day 2, it will be with a much reduced stack.

Sparrow Clipped on Last Hand

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200
Sparrow Cheung Sparrow Cheung

Sparrow Cheung has fallen on the last hand for his table. All in preflop, Cheung’s 9 9 was well ahead of his opponent’s 6 6 but the board of J 6 2 3 K had other ideas. Cheung made a fast exit from the floor, likely wanting to put the bad beat behind him as quickly as possible.

Midas Lacks Golden Touch

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 100

After Korea’s Young-Sheng Im is given the honour of drawing the card to determine how many more hands will be played we have our ‘last six hands’ announcement, which sparks a flurry of cards and chips from the tables.

Following an under the gun raise to 4,800 a player calling himself Midas (who we can’t find in the player list, so we assume it must be a nickname) shoves all-in from the highjack for 15,800 in total. Sitting in the small blind Hong Kong’s Albert Lau announces “I have a spare 15,000,” and calmly tosses in the yellow chips, much to the ire of the original raiser who shakes his head a few times before leaning back in his chair and mucking his cards with a loud exhale of breath.

Midas proudly flips over his Pocket Sixes and looks visibly crushed when Lau rolls over his Pocket Kings. There is no help for the king with the golden touch when the board runs out J 10 J 4 9 and he can only lean over and tap the table before heading for the exit as Lau stacks up his newly won chips.

Chua Loosens Up

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
Charles Chua Charles Chua

It’s that time of the evening when players seem to tighten up in an effort to make it through to Day 2. However, Charles Chua is one player that likes to spin a tall tale every now and then so this is the perfect time. After an early position raise to 2500 and one caller in the hijack, Chua threw in another two yellow chips for 10,000 from the button. Both his opponent’s quickly fold and Chua can’t help but show the 5 2 and says he thought they were Aces.

Like Lam To The Slaughter

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 100
Thommy Lam Thommy Lam

Thommy Lam has just made his exit courtesy of Michael Chau and commiserates with us by the press desk on his way to the exit:

“I raised under the gun to 2,500 and Michael calls on the Button and the Big Blind calls as well. The flop comes down K? 9? 4? and with King Queen in my hand and the blinds as big as they are I felt I was committed,” Lam states.

“Big Blind checks the flop, I bet 7,000 and Michael on the Button thinks for a while and then shoves. He has me covered and I make the call and he turns over Queen Jack for the gutshot. The turn is a King and the river is a Ten… so urghhh!”

We concur, a most unpleasant way to end a tournament.

“Harold” Hits Feng Again

Level: 9 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

After Andrew Scott doubled up off Lee Chin Feng before the break, now the player we’ve dubbed as “Harold” has further cut into the once mighty chip leader’s stack to the tune of 34,100. With all the money in preflop, the race was on between Harold’s J J and Feng’s A K.

The board ran out low with 6 5 2 10 5 and Harold claps his hands in appreciation for winning the pot. Feng has been hemorrhaging chips the last 20 minutes, seemingly sticking to the ‘what goes up must come down’ rule.