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Alvin Cheam
Roman Paxyutkin

Poker is easy when you hit, a fact Australia’s Alvin Cheam is enjoying at the moment, though Roman Paxyutkin is not too happy about it. While we missed all the action both players were happy to tell us all about it once the dust had settled.

It all happened just towards the end of the last level (level 13) with blinds at 1,200/2,400 with a 400 running ante. The under-the-gun player opened the action with a min-raise to 4,800 and choosing to get tricky with Ace-King Paxyutkin just opts to make the call.

Action folds around to Cheam, sitting on a stack of around 65,000 in the big blind, who decides this is a perfect time to squeeze and he moves all-in with Queen-Two.

Once the original raiser gets out of the way Paxyutkin is more than happy to get his chips in and Cheam finds out the bad news. Fortunately Lady Luck is smiling on the Aussie for the time being and while he totally missed the Jack-high flop, a Queen on the turn and a Two on the river gave him two pair and a pot worth 125,000, which he has managed to spin up to around 140,000 when we talked to him. Paxyutkin is down but not out and slips to 95,000.

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