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Day 1A of Red Dragon Flames Out

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200

It’s been a helluva night of poker here at PokerStars Macau. We’ve witnessed a record-setting 283-strong field for Day 1A of the tournament and 97 of those survive to fight again.

We can look forward to more of the same action as Day 1B starts at 8.10pm tonight but for now that’s all from us. Seeya!

Woo Bullies and Sends Ng Home

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200

Kang Dong Woo has been sitting on a big stack for most of the latter stages of this tournament and has just railed Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang’s dad, Yow Hui Ng.

Action began with the UTG player raising it up preflop to 4300. Woo was to his immediate left holding A J and announced he was all in.

Ng woke up with 9 9 on the button and also moved all in for around 20,000 before the UTG folded. When the board arrived 8 K 6 J 8 Ng was out the door and Woo looks like he could be our chip leader for the day, sitting on around 120,000.

Chen Lol’s As Billy Ngos

Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600 Ante: 200

Danny McDonagh has just called last two hands and play has begun to wind down for the day. However, we have a real doozy of a hand for you, although the UK’s Billy Ngo may not be remembering it too fondly.

We caught the action on the river, but were brought up to speed by Joseph Lind who saw all the action unfold. Billy Ngo opens the pot for a raise when the action folds around to him on the button, only to see the small blind – a player who gave his name as Lolo Chen – fire out a three-bet. Both players are pretty deep so Ngo elects to four-bet. Chen five-bet shoves eliciting a snap call from Ngo and we have a monster pot worth over 120,000 in chips.

Billy Ngo: A A
Lolo Chen: J J

Ngo is understandably pretty happy with this turn of events, especially when the board runs out 8 6 Q 4. However, tournament poker being a fickle beast at the best of times, it is the river that often decides a players fate and Ngo is washed away when the J spikes to give Chen a set of Jacks.

Chen is delighted with this turn of events, which puts him into serious contention for the chip lead while Ngo can only rue his misfortune and leave the tournament area empty handed.

Walch’s Cowboys Sink Steicke’s Stack

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 200
David Steicke David Steicke

From UTG, David Steicke opened this pot for 2700 and received a customer in Abhishek Goindi in the lojack. However, Frenchman Guillaume Walch decides to put the squeeze on and make it 7300 more from the cutoff.

Just when it looks like Steicke might fold he snatches all his yellow chips from the top of his stack and throws them in the middle for a 30,00 four-bet.

Goindi isn’t happy and reluctantly folds before Walch announces all in for a total of 41,100 and Steicke quickly calls. When the two show cards, Walch’s K K is well in front of Steicke’s 9 9. The board of 7 Q 7 6 4 is no help to Steicke and he takes a massive hit to his stack sending it crashing down to less than 20,000.

From Russia With Love

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 200

It’s always nice to flop the nuts, but especially so when you are fighting for your tournament life, so when Russia’s Alexander Sidorin moved all-in for his last 12,000 with 10 9 and the flop came down J Q 8 he must have been loving it. Especially because he was in terrible shape pre-flop against Pang-yen Yang’s A 9.

Yen couldn’t catch a Ten for the chop and Sidorin doubles up to 28,000, and while he has granted himself a slight reprieve he is not out of danger yet. Yang is still sitting with a hefty stack of 70,000 or so.

Drotzur Makes Last Stand

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 200

Hailing from the US, Lee Drotzur bears an uncanny resemblance to fellow countryman Paul ‘Eskimo’ Clark. However unlike the three-time WSOP bracelet winner Clark, Drotzur has failed to make a deep tournament run here in Macau and has just busted.

Sitting on around 20,000 or so Drotzur moved all-in from late position holding A 10 only to see China’s Chen Ke wake up on the button with K K.

Despite pairing his Ace on the flop Drotzur was unceremoniously ousted when Ke spiked his set when the K hit the turn.

Judging by Drotzur’s “Well, thank God that’s over…” response it sounds like he has not had a great day at the tables, though he can take comfort in the fact that it’s all over now.

Tang Tumbles Out

Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200 Ante: 200
Devan Tang Devan Tang

Devan Tang’s demise came in two hands. We caught half of the first one where Tang called a 6000 flop bet from an opponent on a board of 6 10 A. In the big blind, Tang then checks the K turn and so does his opponent.

The river delivers a 9 and both players again check it down. Tang rolls over Q Q but it’s unfortunately not enough to beat his opponent’s K 3 for a pair of kings that got there on the turn.

Two hands later, Tang shoved for 6700 over the top of Jia Li’s raise from the hijack to 3000. Li makes the obligatory call and is off to the races with A Q against Tang’s 6 6.

The board runs 10 5 A 2 2 to give Li the pot and end Tang’s Red Dragon run.