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Poker Dictionary - B

    Baby – A card of low rank (2, 3, 4, or 5)

    Back Into (a hand) – To complete a hand using the last two hands dealt

    Backdoor – Improving a player’s hand using both of the final two cards dealt

    Backdoor Flush – When a player completes a flush with the turn and the river

    Backdoor Straight – When a player completes a straight with the turn and the river

    Backer - A person who finances an active player

    Backraise – To call a bet or re-raise from a person who originally called

    Bad Beat - When an originally good hand loses due to a draw favorable to the opponent

    Bad Beat Jackpot - A protection against bad beats being offered by some card rooms wherein the player defeated by a bad beat gets to

    Bankroll – The amount of money one has

    Barn - Short for Full Barn: slang for a Full House

    Battle of the Blinds – That situation where everyone folds to the players who have already placed mandatory bets

    Beat the Board – To own a hand better than what the other players at a table are showing

    Beat the Table – Synonymous with Beat the Board; to own a hand better than what the other players at a table are showing

    Beer Hand - Refers to the hand 7-2, the worst hand in poker

    Behind – An underdog; a player with lesser chips at a particular table

    Behind a Log - That situation where a player is already winning a game, and hence is playing only the best hands that he encounters

    Belly Buster - Four cards forming a straight where both the lowest and the highest cards are already on hand; synonymous with “Gut Shot”

    Bet - The act of putting chips into a pot; a player’s action during his turn to act; the amount of chips placed as wager

    Bet After the Declare – To place a bet at any time after the declaration and prior to the showdown

    Bet Blind - To bet without seeing one’s cards first

    Bet for Value – To bet a hand with the intention of getting callers in players with lesser hands

    Bet in the Dark – To announce a bet before the cards are dealt; synonymous with “Bet Blind”

    Bet Into – To snatch the opponent’s initiative in betting strongly by betting instead of merely checking

    Bet Odds – A ratio of the possible bet or raise and the amount in total to be placed in the pot as a response to that wager

    Bet the Limit – To bet the maximum amount of chips or money agreed upon

    Bet the Pot – To bet the same amount of chips as that in the pot

    Bicycle - The straight A-2-3-4-5: the lowest possible straight; synonymous with “Wheel” and “Bike”

    Big Blind – (1) That player seated two seats away from the dealer; (2) The amount of bet required of the player in the Big Blind

    Big Bobtail – Four consecutive cards of the same suit with either the lowest or the highest card missing to form a straight

    Big Chick – The pocket cards A-Q

    Big Dog – The player with the lowest chance of winning: the underdog

    Big Full – The hand A-A-A-K-K: the highest possible Full House

    Big Pair – A pair of 10s or of cards of greater value

    Big Slick - A hand with an Ace and a King (A-K)

    Black Chip Game – A high-stakes game

    Blank – A card that does not affect the outcome of a hand; a card that the players find useless

    Blaze – A hand with five face cards (i.e.: K-K-Q-J-J)

    Bleed – To lose chips due to ill decision-making

    Blind – The mandatory bet made by the two players positioned to the left of the dealer (Small Blind and Big Blind) prior to the dealing of the cards

    Blind Bet - A bet made before the players see their hands

    Blind Raise – A forced raise

    Blind Robber - Someone who steals the blind by opening a pot without really having a good hand then raking in the blinds after the other players have folded

    Blistering – To mark a card using one’s fingernail or device; a form of cheating

    Blow Back – To lose all or most of the money a player has won

    Bluff - The act of making one’s opponents believe that he/she has a better hand–done with the intention of making the other players fold

    Board – The collection of cards visible to all of the players at a table; the community cards in Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and the players’ face-up cards in stud games

    Boat – A hand with a three of a kind (three cards of the same number or face value) plus a pair (any two cards with the same number or face value); synonymous with “Full House” and “Full Boat”

    Bobtail – Four cards of the same suit or of consecutive numbers or faces, forming either a flush or a straight

    Bobtail Straight - Four cards forming a straight in denomination sequence; synonymous with “Open End Straight”

    Boss – The strongest hand at a stage in the betting

    Bottom Deal – A form of cheating: to use cards from the bottom rather than from the top of the deck when distributing cards to the players

    Bottom Pair – A pair made with the board card of lowest value and a pocket card

    Bounty – A prize given to a player who knocks a pre-determined player out of the tournament

    Bounty Hunter - A player who aggressively knocks his/her opponents out of the tournament

    Bounty Tournament – A tournament wherein a prize awaits one who knocks out a specific player or a number of pre-determined players

    Boxed Card – A card turned the wrong way in a deck–that seen face-up in the assembled deck during a deal or a hand

    Brick – A card that does not affect the outcome of a hand; a card that the players find useless; synonymous with a Blank Card

    Bring It In – To start the betting for the first round of a game

    Bring-In – The mandatory bet made by the player with the lowest card on hand; applicable in Seven Card Stud and Stud Card or Better

    Broadway – The hand A-K-Q-J-10 off suit; the highest possible straight: an ace-high straight

    Broderick Crawford – The pocket cards 10-4, suited or off suit

    Broomcorn’s Uncle – A player who antes himself broke

    Bubble - A point in a tournament where only a few number of players are left, yet this number of remaining players would still exceed the number of spots to be filled in the prize-guaranteed finishing positions

    Buck - An object used to denote who among the players at a table is to act as the dealer; synonymous with “Button”

    Bug – Somewhat a wild card which can represent an ace or any other card to fill a gap in a straight or in a flush

    Bull the Game - To frequently bluff in games or tournaments

    Bullet – An ace

    Bullets - A pair of aces

    Bump – To raise or re-raise: to increase the bet made by a player

    Buried Pair - A concealed pair in stud games

    Burn – To discard the top card from a deck before having the cards dealt

    Burn Card – A card from the top of the deck that is discarded before cards are dealt to the players

    Bury Card – A card taken from the top of a deck then placed in the middle

    Bust – (1) to knock a player out of a tournament; (2) a hand which remained incomplete after all the other cards have been revealed

    Bust Out – To lose all of one’s chips or money, then be eliminated from a tournament

    Busted Hand – A worthless hand: a hand that failed to turn into a flush or a straight on the draw

    Button – (1) a player sitting at the dealer’s position; (2) the position of the dealer for the round; (3) a plastic marker used to denote who among the players would act as the dealer; synonymous with “Buck”

    Buy – To make a large bet intended to discourage the other players at a table

    Buy-In – (1) The amount of money players must shed to sit down in poker games; (2) to make one’s first purchase of chips to be used at a particular table

    Buy-In Limit – The minimum amount of money one must bring into a 1-on-1 game; applicable to Seven-Card Stud Poker