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Poker Dictionary - E

    Early Bet – A small bet made after the first card in stud or the first two cards in draw

    Early Positions – The positions that are among the first one-third of the table to take action — the two positions located to the left of the blinds: “Under the Gun” and “Under the Gun + 1″

    Edge – An advantageous position

    Edge Odds – The ratio or percentage of a player’s advantage or disadvantage relative to the other players at a table

    Edge Shot – A bet made by a player at an advantageous position

    Eldest Hand – The player immediately to the left of the dealer who gets to receive the first card dealt

    End Bets – Last-round bets

    End Strippers – Cards tapered along the ends: a form of cheating

    English Stud – A stud game with a draw

    Equity – Pot Equity: a player’s rightful share of a pot; the amount of money at stake in a pot multiplied by the percentage of a player’s chance of winning

    Even Money – A bet made so as to regain the amount previously wagered

    Expected Value – The average amount of money that a particular wager would win over time

    Expose – To partially or completely show a card to a player or to several players

    Exposed Cards – Cards dealt face up

    Exposed Pair – An open pair: a pair visible to all players — usually as a part of the community cards