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Poker Dictionary - F

    Fixed Limit - Any betting structure in limit poker wherein the amount of the bet on each particular round is pre-determined

    Flat Call - To call a bet when one is expected to raise or re-raise

    Flat Limit - A specified bet amount that does not change in latter rounds within a hand

    Flat Tire - A Jack and a 4 in the pocket, suited or off suit

    Floor - An area in a casino or a cardroom in which games are played

    Floor Manager - A cardroom employee tasked to oversee a particular area of a facility or a particular group of dealers

    Flop - The first three, simultaneously dealt community cards

    Flop a Set -To catch a third card of the same numerical or face value on the flop when holding a pocket pair

    Flop Game - Any of the poker variations that are played with cards dealt face up at the center of the table (community cards)

    Flush - A hand with five cards of the same suit

    Flush Draw - An incomplete hand with four cards of the same suit

    Fold - To forfeit a hand by throwing it away during a player’s turn to act

    Force-In - A mandatory bet –the amount of which can (usually) be raised

    Forced Bet - A bet that is required of players for a game to begin (i.e.: ante, blind)

    Foul - A violation of some rules which causes a hand to be disqualified from a particular pot

    Foul Hand - A hand with the wrong number of cards

    Four Flash - A hand with four cards of the same suit; four cards to a Flush

    Four of a Kind - A hand with four cards of the same value

    Four Straight - A hand with four cards of consecutive value –being a card away from completing a Straight

    Four-card Rush - A series of hands wherein a player has four out of the five cards needed to complete a hand but is not dealt with the fifth necessary hand

    Fourth Street - The fourth community card dealt which also marks the third round of betting (in Flop games)

    Fox Hunt - A request to see the next card that would have been dealt in a hand that ended before all of the cards were dealt

    Freeroll - A promotional tournament where players are given the chance to win something without having to pay an entry fee

    Freeze Out - To make a bet that is large enough to convince another player to fold with the intention of reducing the number of players rather than ending the hand immediately

    Freezeout - A tournament format that does not let players re-enter once they are eliminated

    Full - Three cards of the same value in a full house; i.e.: “Queens Full” in Q-Q-Q-10-10

    Full Barn - A hand with a three of a kind and a pair; synonymous with “Full House” and “Full Boat”

    Full Boat - A hand with a three of a kind and a pair; synonymous with “Full House” and “Full Barn”

    Full Buy - A buy-in of at least the minimum value of chips required in a particular game

    Full House - A hand with three cards of the same numerical or face value, plus two other cards of the same numerical or face value; synonymous with “Full Barn” and “Full Boat”

    Full Kill - A doubling of the betting limit for a particular hand after some pre-determined criteria have been met