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Poker Dictionary - K

    Kansas City Lowball – Any variation of poker wherein players attempt to make the weakest poker hand possible instead of the strongest ones

    Katie – A King and a 10 in the pocket, suited or off suit

    Key Card – A card that completes a player’s hand

    Key Hand - That one hand in a tournament that serves as a turning point for a player

    Kibitzer – A spectator who comments on a game

    Kicker – The highest value card not involved in completing a particular hand rank which is used to determine a winning hand in case of a tie

    Kicker Trouble - Having a weaker kicker than that held by an opponent with a hand of equal ranking

    Kill - To increase the betting limits for a hand after certain criteria has been met

    Kill Blind - An oversized blind which is usually twice the size of the big blind, doubling the limit

    Kill Pot - A method used to initiate an action: a forced bet made by someone who has just won a pot or several pots

    King Crab - A King and a 3 in the pocket, suited or off suit

    Knave - A Jack

    Knock – To check: to maintain a player’s eligibility to win a pot without having to bet or check

    Kojak – The pocket cards K-J (King and Jack), suited or off suit

    Komodo Dragoned – Happens when a player’s hand is defeated because an opponent made a straight or a flush on the river