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Poker Dictionary - L

    Ladies - A pair of Queens

    Late Position - A position at a round of betting in which the player on the said seat gets to act only after most of his opponents have already acted; usually located two to three seats to the right of the button

    Lay a Bad Beat - To win in a Bad Beat

    Lay Down Your Hand - To fold

    Lay the Odds - To offer a proposition bet which, when accepted, would pay a player an amount that is larger that what they have originally wagered

    Lead - To make the first bet in a round of betting

    Leader – The player who made the first bet in a round of betting

    Leader Board – A list of tournament players arranged according to their stack sizes

    Leak - To (intentionally or unintentionally) expose one’s cards

    Leg – A hand: a single round of game play

    Leg Up – Having won a previous pot on a kill game

    Legitimate Hand – A strong, non-bluff hand

    Let Slide – To not call a suspected bluffer’s bet

    Lid – The top card of the deck

    Limit – (1) The maximum bet or raise allowed; (2) A game played with minimum and maximum betting intervals set

    Limit Stakes – Poker wherein maximum bets and raises are noted in the house rules

    Limp – To call the blind (usually the Big Blind) in the first round of betting

    Limp-Raise - To call the minimum required bet without raising, then re-raising after an opponent has raised

    Liner – A face card

    Little Bobtail – Three consecutive cards of the same suit

    Little Oldsmobile – A pair of eights in the pocket (8-8)

    Little Slick – Either and Ace and a 2 (A-2) or an Ace and a Queen (A-Q) in the pocket

    Live Blind – When the player who posted the blind is allowed to raise even when his opponents has not previously raised

    Live Card – One’s pocket card which is different from the ones held by his opponents — that which could make a winning hand only if paired with a card on the board

    Live Game – A game happening in a land-based setting rather than online

    Live Hand – An active hand

    Live One – An unskilled player who rarely folds and plays almost every hand dealt to him

    Live Player – An active player: one who has not folded his cards yet

    Lock – A hand that cannot be beaten given the cards out on the board

    Long Odds – When the probability that something will occur is really, really low

    Look – To call the final bet before the showdown

    Look Up - To call the bet of a suspected bluffer

    Loose – A player who plays a lot of hands — even the weak ones

    Loose Game – A game with a lot of players in most hands

    Low-Limit – A game played for a small amount of money; synonymous with “Low-Stakes”

    Low-Stakes – A game played for a small amount of money; synonymous with “Low-Limit”

    Lowball – A variation of poker wherein the player with the lowest hand gets to win the pot