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Poker Dictionary - M

    Main Pot – The center pot: that which all active players have contributed to and is up to be won by any of them

    Make – (1) To gain a card that would complete a drawing hand; (2) To shuffle a deck

    Maniac – An overly aggressive player who bets, raises, and re-raises a lot

    Marked Cards – A tool for cheating: cards that have been altered for easy identification

    Maverick – (1) A highly skilled player; (2) A Queen and a Jack in the pocket, suited or off suit

    Mechanic – A cheater: one who manipulates the deck

    Meet – To call

    Middle Pair – A pair made with a pocket card and the second card revealed on the flop

    Middle Positions – Usually the fifth, sixth, or seventh seats to the left of the button

    Minimum Buy-In – The smallest amount one can start the game with

    Miscall – An incorrect declaration of a hand value

    Misdeal – Happens when a mistake on the dealing of a hand is made — thus, the deck would be reshuffled and a new set of hands are dealt

    Miss – The act of not being dealt the card needed in a drawing hand

    Mistrigis – A Joker used as a wildcard

    Mites and Lice – A pair of 2s plus a pair of 3s

    Monster - (1) A really strong hand; (2) A player who is beginning to accumulate chips after having a small stack

    Montana Banana – The pocket cards 9-2, suited or offsuit

    Motown – A Jack and a 5 in the pocket

    Muck – (1) A pile of cards that are no loner in play; (2) To discard or throw away one’s hand without exposing it