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Marc Rivera Featured Player: Marc Rivera

Marc Rivera is one of the most recognized Filipino poker player on the Asia tournament circuit. Marc is known for playing some of the biggest cash games in the Philippines. Unlike many players Marc has the skill to be able to make the transition, back and forth, from cash games and tournaments. Marc has been … Read More

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Players and prize winnings that are covered in our Player Database are from results in tournaments reported to Poker Portal Asia that are held in the Asia-Pacific region and have a prize pool of a minimum USD $25,000 and above (subject to local currency fluctuations). Smaller winnings will only be included if they are from a side event that is part of a main event with the previously stated prize pool. Cashes in tournaments outside the Asia-Pacific region are not included.

The new Player Database provides you quick access to player rankings per country and overall rankings in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Results are from tournaments held over the time period of 2008 to present day.


Global Poker Player Distribution

Top Cashers in Asia Pacific Tournaments

Joseph Cheong
United States $10,665,792
Stanley Choi
China $6,465,650
Zhu Guan Fai
China $4,349,670