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PartyPoker Room Review


Started in 2001, PartyPoker is a hugely popular poker site, previously capitalising on intense marketing and advertising campaigns and sharing its pool of players with partner sites. In June 2005 the company was floated on the London Stock Exchange and took a huge blow to its share price when in October 2006 the US Senate passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and it had to cease it US-facing operations. Overnight it lost half of its customer base but has since rallied back and built itself up into one of the world’s most successful online poker rooms. In March 2010, its parent company, PartyGaming plc, merged with bwin to create the world’s largest publically traded online gaming firm and since the closure of Full Tilt Poker in April 2011, PartyPoker has been one of the sites to most benefit in terms of new player sign-ups.

Player Traffic

Currently the second biggest single online poker site behind PokerStars, PartyPoker now averages around 4200 real money players online and at peak times has over 8000 playing.

Quality of Players

PartyPoker has traditionally been home to quite a few loose action players. On the low-end of No-Limit and Omaha games, play tends to be quite soft, especially in tournaments where seasoned players can capitalise on weaker opponents.


The site underwent a major software redesign in 2008 which added a whole bunch of great new features that included better graphics, a quick-seat feature, live action preview, customisable player images and enhanced multi-tabling options for all those players who like super-fast action.

Bonuses and Promotions

While PartyPoker doesn’t offer rakeback, it has recently gone through an aggressive marketing campaign to target those players left in the wind from the closure of Full Tilt Poker. As such, there are some great deals on offer and players will particularly find the ‘Rake Free Tournaments’ appealing. Until further notice, tournaments above $6 will see the total buy-in reduced. For example, what was once a $20+$2 tourney now costs $20+$0. This really is a great deal and one that has seen quite a few players moving to the site.

Payment Options

Visit the official website of PartyPoker www.partypoker.com