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Xu Bins Zhao
Despite entering Day 3 as chip leader after enjoying the rub of the green on Day 2 Bin Zhao’s luck has proved not to be limitless. After donating a large portion of ... Read More

Zhao Goes Down But Not Out
While Tang was tumbling out of the tournament, more action was happening at the other table that saw overnight chip leader Bin Zhao lose a major chunk of his stack to Hui ... Read More

Bin Comes Out Firing
Picking up where he left off yesterday chip leader Bin Zhao has come out firing though he eases his tablemates in gently by open limping from middle position. None of the table ... Read More

Bin Zhao Trashes CPC Day 2 Field To Take Lead
In what was to prove an action-packed day of poker where the player count fell faster than the mercury levels on a thermometer in the Arctic one player has been running red-hot. ... Read More

Zhao Loses Ground on Penalty
Bin Zhao is giving us plenty to write about at the moment, but his unconventional play and actions cost him in this hand. On a flop of 8♥ 10♠ 3♣ Zhao sends ... Read More

Zhao Cements Lead After Controversy
Players are just back from dinner and we’ve had some time to do a quick count and have discovered that chip leader Bin Zhao has become the first player to pass the ... Read More

Zhao Shoots to the Top
From the lojack, Qingfeng Liao raised to 21,000 and saw small blind Wei Zhao move all in for 79,000. But Bin Zhao is in the big blind and smooth calls. Liao also ... Read More